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Payment Options


We require instant payment when booking your flight. That way we can immediately hold a seat for you. We accept all major credit cards for bookings made online or via our call centre.

To ensure that everyone has an equal chance of securing a low fare, tickets are instant purchase only and cannot be put on hold. Remember seats are sold on a first come, first serve basis so it’s always a good idea to book as soon as possible, before seats are sold out.


All currencies available


All currencies available

HK Express voucher

HK Express issued voucher 
*Currency as stated on the voucher 


All currencies available



HKD and CNY only.
*TWD is accepted in selected convenience stores in Taiwan 

If the credit card holder is not one of the travelers, we reserve the right to verify the credit cards. Guests have to provide front side copy of the credit card, a passport copy and a signature of the cardholder on that copy. You can either verify the credit card via our call center (3902 0288) or at the airport check-in counter. If the cardholder fails to verify the credit card, HK Express reserves the right to deny boarding.*Note



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