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Introducing Ufly-Pass!

What is a Ufly-Pass? Ufly-Pass is a subscription service which allows priority access to HK Express’ Biggest Promotions! As a Ufly-Pass subscription holder, you will enjoy being able to book our low-fares up to 6 hours before non-subscription holders! No more waiting until midnight, higher chances of getting low-fares and best of all… saving time and money! There are only a limited amount of Ufly-Passes available on a first come first served basis. Grab one NOW before it runs out of stock!

How does it work?

  • Click the link below to subscribe
  • Pay the nominal subscription fee
  • Stay tuned for our email promo notifications
  • Log-in to the Ufly-Pass platform
  • Book your holidays
  • Save time and money
  • Enjoy with your family and friends!

How much is it?

Original Price at HKD 888 for unlimited priority access to HK Express major promotions within 2016.
Thank you for supporting Ufly-Pass! As a gesture of our appreciation, we are going to continue our special offer of subscriptions at HKD 388


Ufly-Pass Terms and Conditions:

1) Ufly-Pass bookings may be made up to 6 hours in advance by subscribers.

2) Ufly-Pass bookings are subject to availability.

3) Ufly-Pass subscriptions are valid by 31 December 2016.

4) The Ufly-Pass subscription fee is non-refundable.

5) The Ufly-Pass subscriber must be part of the traveling party for all priority bookings.

6) HK Express accepts no responsibility for any hardware or software failure or malfunction or inability of access onto the HK Express website or booking system.

7) Standard terms and Conditions of Carriage apply for all Ufly-Pass bookings. For more information please visit //

8) Tickets are valid on flight/date shown and non-refundable.

9) Passengers are advised to check with the latest Hong Kong Government Outbound Travel Alert before planning their trip.

10) HK Express reserves the right to select promotions/sales available for Ufly-Pass subscribers.

11) Your Ufly-Pass will be activated within 48 hours after subscription.

12) Please ensure the name and email you use to purchase Ufly-Pass is accurate. The Ufly-Pass subscription is non-transferable. For ticket issuance purposes, your name must be entered exactly as they appear on your passport. All name corrections will incur a HKD350 administration fee. Your Ufly-Pass will then be reactivated within 48 hours.

13) Ufly-Pass is only valid for flights operated by HK Express.

14) U-Fly Pass Priority booking can only be accessed via desktop computers. Bookings via the HK Express mobile app are not supported.

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