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Typhoon HATO Travel Notice

Posted on 23 Aug 2017​

The safety of our Guests and our crew are top priority. Due to Typhoon HATO approaching , departures and arrivals are being affected. Details of the affected flights can be found below. HK Express will be informing all affected Guests regarding delayed or suspended flights in detail via email and SMS. For further enquiries, affectd Guests are requested to contact our call centre at (852) 3902 0288 OR email our guest relations team at

The following flights have been cancelled

DateFlight NoFromTo
23 AUG 17UO1600Hong KongFukuoka
23 AUG 17UO1601FukuokaHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO638Hong KongFukuoka
23 AUG 17UO639FukuokaHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO273Hong KongKunming
23 AUG 17UO274KunmingHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO3216Hong KongKagoshima
23 AUG 17UO3821KagoshimaHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO844Hong KongNarita
23 AUG 17UO819NaritaHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO870Hong KongNarita
23 AUG 17UO871NaritaHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO1646Hong KongNarita
23 AUG 17UO1647NaritaHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO650Hong KongNarita
23 AUG 17UO855NaritaHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO3522Hong KongTakamatsu
23 AUG 17UO3523TakamatsuHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO140Hong KongTaichung
23 AUG 17UO141TaichungHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO1584Hong KongNagoya
23 AUG 17UO1585NagoyaHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO3666Hong KongIshigaki
23 AUG 17UO3667IshigakiHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO1590Hong KongFukuoka
24 AUG 17UO1605FukuokaHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO3569Hong KongDa Nang
23 AUG 17UO3570Da NangHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO1012Hong KongOsaka
23 AUG 17UO1013OsakaHong Kong
23 AUG 17UO808Hong KongOsaka
23 AUG 17UO809OsakaHong Kong

The following flights have been deferred​.

Flight NoNew Flight NoFromToOriginal DateOriginal DepartureNew DateNew DepartureNew Arrival
UO3819UO3819DOsakaHong Kong23-Aug121524-Aug01450430
UO619UO619DSeoulHong Kong23-Aug125524-Aug01550430
UO3154UO3154DHong KongHualien23-Aug145524-Aug06100750

The following flights have been delayed.

Flight NoNew Flight NoFromToOriginal DateOriginal DepartureNew DateNew DepartureNew Arrival
UO3681SeoulHong Kong23 AUG 17064523 AUG 1715551900
UO625HanedaHong Kong23 AUG 17063523 AUG 1712201800
UO1605FukuokaHong Kong23 AUG 17080023 AUG 1717302000
UO1879NagoyaHong Kong23 AUG 17080023 AUG 1717102000
UO3155HualienHong Kong23 AUG 17091523 AUG 1717101900
UO1227NingboHong Kong23 AUG 17095523 AUG 1718452100
UO566Hong KongNha Trang23 AUG 17145523 AUG 1722302345
UO567Nha TrangHong Kong23 AUG 17173024 AUG 1700200350
UO753Hong KongChiang Mai23 AUG 17165023 AUG 1721302325
UO754Chiang MaiHong Kong23 AUG 17193024 AUG 17'00000345
UO1558Hong KongDa Nang23 AUG 17162523 AUG 1721002155
UO1559Da NangHong Kong23 AUG 17180023 AUG 1722300120+1
UO3898Hong KongOsaka23 AUG 17112023 AUG 1718402330
UO3899OsakaHong Kong23 AUG 17174024 AUG 1700150310
UO1844Hong KongOsaka23 AUG 17145523 AUG 1722000300+1
UO1845OsakaHong Kong23 AUG 17204024 AUG 1703350630
UO042Hong KongSaipan23 AUG 17181023 AUG 1720000250+1
UO3678Hong KongSeoul23 AUG 17203023 AUG 1723000315+1
UO1226Hong KongNingbo23 AUG 17201023 AUG 1722000015+1
UO614Hong KongSeoul23 AUG 17213023 AUG 1723000335+1

For Guests affected by Typhoon HATO, the following options are available:

In the event your flight has been delayed 

Date/time change to the same destination within 3 days Change of destination within 7 days
No Change Fee applies No Change fee applies
No Fare difference applies Fare difference applies

In the event your flight has been cancelled

Date/time change to the same destination wtihin 3  days Change of destination within 7 days Refund
No Change Fee applies No Change fee applies Full refund
No Fare difference applies Fare difference applies  

** Revised (new) travel dates are subject to flight availability.


Travel Document Reminder  

Posted on 4 Aug 2017​

Kindly be reminded that securing a visa or the necessary travel documents for entry in to another country is the sole responsibility of all Guests, and should be strictly adhered to.

Visa procedures and processing times vary greatly depending on the passport you hold and the country you are traveling to. As such, please allow sufficient time for visa application and approval prior to your departure as you may be denied entry or boarding if you fail to provide a valid visa or travel documentation.  You may refer to our Travel Documents page for more information on such procedures. However, where the information is insufficient, you are strongly recommended to follow the immigration guidelines of the port of entry of your final destination.

Guests denied entry to the port of entry as a result of insufficient travel documents will be liable for all costs associated with their return to the port of departure including any fines and repatriation costs.  


Electronic devices in Checked-in Baggage

Posted on 10 Jul 2017​

The safety of our Guests and crew is our top priority. Please be advised that all electronic devices in your check-in baggage should be securely packed in your luggage to prevent damage and switched off completely. This is done in compliance with IATA’s travel restriction with immediate effect. 



Posted on 15 October 2016

The safety our Guests and crew is our top priority. As such, please be advised that individuals who own or possess a Samsung Galaxy Note7 device may not transport the device on their person, in carry-on baggage, or in checked baggage on HK Express flights. This prohibition includes all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices. This ban is effective immediately.

  • If Guests attempt to travel by air with their Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices, they will be denied boarding. 
  • Guests who attempt to evade the ban by packing their phone in checked luggage are increasing the risk of incident.  Anyone violating the ban may be subject to criminal prosecution in addition to fines.
  • Guests currently traveling with Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones should contact Samsung or their wireless carrier immediately to obtain information about how to return their phones and arrange for a refund or a replacement phone.

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