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Deferment of HK Express’ Planned Services on the Hong Kong-Nagoya-Guam Route

Posted on 15 Sep 2017

HK Express regrets to inform that its planned services on the Hong Kong-Nagoya-Guam route will be deferred in view of geopolitical concerns in the region. Affected guests who have booked the flights will be given three options:

  1. Select a new destination on the HK Express network departing on or before 31 October 2018 (fare difference will apply and bookings are subject to seat availability); OR
  2. Free transfer to the flights of United Airlines with the same departure schedule (subject to the seat availability of United Airlines); OR
  3. Apply for a full refund

The above options are only applicable to guests who have purchased Hong Kong-Nagoya-Guam tickets.

For option one, a one-time change can be made free of charge. Further changes are subject to applicable fees as per the fare rules and conditions of the fare purchased.

For option two, the free transfer is only applicable to guests originating from Hong Kong.

Guests should choose one of these three options and reply to us on or before 31 October 2017. If not, the option of a full refund of all affected flight sectors would be defaulted.

Guests whose travel plans are impacted are encouraged to contact our Guest Service hotline +852 3902 0288, to modify their travel schedules. HK Express will also be contacting all affected guests via email and SMS to inform them of the changes.

HK Express deeply apologises for the inconvenience caused and is looking to resume the service next year during the summer holiday period.


Travel Document Reminder  

Posted on 4 Aug 2017

Kindly be reminded that securing a visa or the necessary travel documents for entry in to another country is the sole responsibility of all Guests, and should be strictly adhered to.

Visa procedures and processing times vary greatly depending on the passport you hold and the country you are traveling to. As such, please allow sufficient time for visa application and approval prior to your departure as you may be denied entry or boarding if you fail to provide a valid visa or travel documentation.  You may refer to our Travel Documents page for more information on such procedures. However, where the information is insufficient, you are strongly recommended to follow the immigration guidelines of the port of entry of your final destination.

Guests denied entry to the port of entry as a result of insufficient travel documents will be liable for all costs associated with their return to the port of departure including any fines and repatriation costs.  


Electronic devices in Checked-in Baggage

Posted on 10 Jul 2017

The safety of our Guests and crew is our top priority. Please be advised that all electronic devices in your check-in baggage should be securely packed in your luggage to prevent damage and switched off completely. This is done in compliance with IATA’s travel restriction with immediate effect. 



Posted on 15 October 2016

The safety our Guests and crew is our top priority. As such, please be advised that individuals who own or possess a Samsung Galaxy Note7 device may not transport the device on their person, in carry-on baggage, or in checked baggage on HK Express flights. This prohibition includes all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices. This ban is effective immediately.

  • If Guests attempt to travel by air with their Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices, they will be denied boarding. 
  • Guests who attempt to evade the ban by packing their phone in checked luggage are increasing the risk of incident.  Anyone violating the ban may be subject to criminal prosecution in addition to fines.
  • Guests currently traveling with Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones should contact Samsung or their wireless carrier immediately to obtain information about how to return their phones and arrange for a refund or a replacement phone.

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