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HK Express x LKFtv

Go on a voyage with Japan travel expert SOKO to explore Nagoya

HK Express collaborated with LKFtv in creating a trilogy of Nagoya travel videos with Japan travel expert SOKO as our tour guide to unearth the prettiest, trendiest and liveliest places in Nagoya. He interviewed local artist Mr. Masashi Anraku in the first episode to appreciate Nagoya from a cultural perspective. In the second episode, he tours around Nagoya to unveil the Japanese art of dining with food critic Mr. Toki Ishikawa to introduce the award-winning delicacy- Nagoya styled Donburi and demonstrated the conventional way of eating Chicken wings and authentic Unadon. In the series finale, he invited Mr. Eishi Kano, shop owner of a vintage Kimono store, to give tips on how to wear the traditional Yukata and its history. Additionally, he rummages around Osu Shopping Arcade to browse the hottest vintage clothing spots He invited vintage fashionista Miss Mitsuki Takasaki to guide us through the mix-and-match styling and discover its charm and glamour. 


Episode 1- Cultural:

Episode 2- Delicacy:

Episode 3- Fashion: