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Our Commitment

HK Express reliability, fare & service commitment

  1. Commitment to operating a safe, secure airline

    HK Express commits itself first and foremost to operating a safe and secure airline with absolutely no expense spared in this area.

  2. Commitment to low fares:

    HK Express continuously strives to offer the lowest available prices to all passengers, on all routes in which we operate.

    Guests will always be offered the lowest available fare for their journey and itinerary at the time of booking through our website at or those of our official partner booking channels.

    As part of the HK Express Guest friendly approach, we empower our Guests to have the flexibility of choice in choosing the products and services they want. All our guests have the choice to choose which booking channel they use, what baggage allowance to book, what seat they would like to occupy and what meals they wish to enjoy. We are committed to transparency about applicable taxes, fees and charges before payment is made.

    If we become aware at any time of any competitors’ special offer fare which is lower than HK Express', we will adjust our prices to ensure that we are not beaten on price. Our pricing goal is to be at least 50% cheaper on average than Full Service Carriers on the same route*

    * Average one-way fares on a year-round basis

  1. Commitment to on time performance

    HK Express is committed to delivering a reliable airline service which gets you from A to B safely and on-time. HK Express will continuously strive to be the No.1 on time airline on all routes. Comparisons with the most recent punctuality statistics released by the confirm HK Express's position as No.1 among Hong Kong based carriers for punctuality. HK Express Guests can be confident that they will suffer fewer delays than any other major airline in Hong Kong.

  2. Commitment to making doing business with us easy

    HK Express is dedicated to finding new and easy ways of doing business directly with our Guests. We will always seek to find the easiest solution to transact and welcome feedback on how to improve.

  3. Commitment to ensuring Guest
    1. HK Express strives to reduce mishandled bags with an ultimate target of zero lost/mishandled bags per 1,000 Guests. In the case of mishandled bags, HK Express will make every reasonable effort to deliver the mishandled bag to the Guest within one working day of its arrival at final destination, free of charge.
    2. Unlike the high-fare airlines, HK Express permit all tickets to be changed upon payment of an appropriate change fee and any fare upgrade (if applicable). This ticket change facility allows HK Express Guests to change their flight times, dates, route (within the same country) or the names of passengers travelling and avoid the loss of their original tickets if they cannot travel as originally scheduled. Sometimes mistakes can be made if you rush through the booking process after finding one of our low fares! If you have made a mistake in your booking, don't worry - we will waive change fees for minor name correction, flight date or time changes if you contact our call centre within 12 hours of your booking. Please note, fares differences and Service Channel Fee via Call Centre may apply. Should you need to make a minor name correction outside of the 12 hour window, the change fee will be waived if the change is limited to 1 character only.
    3. HK Express enables Guests to forward their claim/complaints via social media, post, fax or web form.
    4. Under normal circumstances, HK Express will provide a substantive written response to complaints within 7 working days of receipt. We do not expect Guests to wait over 28 working days, as is the case with other high fare airline's passenger service commitment.
    5. Where a Guests claims and is entitled to a refund, HK Express will process internally that refund within 7 working days.
    6. HK Express now operates a web & mobile Check-In facility which allows Guests to avoid all airport check-in queues and go straight to the boarding gate where U can even enjoy priority boarding to the aircraft. Web & mobile check-in is available up to 75 minutes before travel. HK Express will continue to implement ways to speed up Guest check-in, and reduce transit times through the airport.
  4. Commitment to the environment

    HK Express is made up of many diverse and multi-cultural people who hold the same beliefs, worries, hopes and dreams as U. We are committed to sincerely ensuring that we are reducing carbon emissions, improving noise levels, reducing fuel burn and supporting endangered species. We are also committed to not carrying products that are harmful, dangerous or unsustainable. We have banned the carriage of shark-fin as testament to this commitment. For more information on this and other initiatives please click here for our Community Support page.

If a guest knowingly attempts to carry these items on themselves in contravention to our commitments they may face prosecution under Hong Kong law.