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Government imposed fees


At HK Express, we would like to make every charge clear to Guest. Below table shows the codes and names of government/carrier imposed taxes and surcharges that we may charge depending on the itinerary booked. Please note that taxes are subject to change.

Tax Categories
Tax Code Tax/Surcharge Name
YR Fuel or other surcharges imposed by HK Express
G3 Hong Kong Airport Construction Fee
HK Hong Kong SAR - Air Passenger Departure Tax
I5 Hong Kong SAR - Passenger Security Charge
SW Japan - Passenger Service Facilities Charge
OI Japan - Passenger Security Service Charge
BP Korea - International Passenger Service Charge
CN Mainland China - Airport Fee
CNS Mainland China - Security Charge
TW Taiwan, China - Airport Service Charge
TS Thailand - Passenger Service Facilities Charge
E7 Thailand - Advanced Passenger Processing System Charge
JC Vietnam -  Passenger Service Charge
C4 Vietnam - Passenger and Baggage Security Screening Charge
MM Myanmar - Passenger Service Charge
C7 Myanmar - Advance Passenger Service Charge
KX Cambodia - Airport Tax
L5 Cambodia – Civil Aviation Fee
CSF US - Custom Service Fee

HK Express International fuel surcharge announcement (August 2018)

HK Express international fuel charge will be as follows.

  1. Applying date: 2018. 8. 1 ~ 2018. 8. 31 (Ticketing date standard)
Route Fuel Surcharge Amount (One Way)
Previous (Before 01 Aug 2018) New (From 01 Aug 2018 onwards)
ICN/PUS/CJU-HKG KRW 22,700 KRW 18,900

※ Applied to one-way, and it may change depending on oil price.

  • Fuel surcharges are applied on the initial departure, per passenger and sector.
  • Differences of fuel surcharges are not collected or refunded at the time of boarding.
  • Fuel surcharges are applied per sector and may change according to the fuel price.
  • Application: All regular and bonus tickets.
  • Exemption: Infants under the age of 2, who do not occupy seats.

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