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HK Express Appoints New Executive Chairman & Acting CEO

Hong Kong, 04 ១០, 2017

HK Express understands the concerns raised by the Hong Kong public in light of our recent flight cancellations, and would like to once again apologise for the disruptions caused to passengers. The airline takes this matter seriously and is determined to improve our operations for Hong Kong.

In light of recent challenges, HK Express is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Zhong Guosong as Executive Chairman & Acting CEO of HK Express, with effect from today.

His first area of focus is working on understanding what has transpired in the airline recently, in order to implement any necessary improvements to ensure HK Express continues to serve the Hong Kong public in its unique role as the sole low-cost carrier.

In his role as Executive Chairman & Acting CEO, Mr. Zhong is working with the airline's Board and leadership team to develop and determine strategies and policies. Namely, Mr. Zhong is already drafting plans to meet with management and, importantly, reaching out to employees, to fully understand their needs. Mr. Zhong will also liaise closely with the relevant local authorities, including the Civil Aviation Department to establish efficient communications channel and effective implementation mechanism between the two parties to ensure smoother operations in the future.

Mr. Zhong brings significant experience in the aviation industry to this role, having worked in a variety of senior positions for more than 30 years. He had previously served as Vice President of HK Express for seven years.