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HK Express Flight Information in early October (Updated on 1 Oct)

Hong Kong, 01 ១០, 2017

HK Express apologises unreservedly for the number of flight changes affecting guests' travel plans during the Golden Week holidays. The airline is operating 18 flights fewer than planned, representing less than 3% of total flights during the period of 1 to 8 October. This was a preemptive decision due to a shortage of standby cabin crew linked to an administrative issue regarding safety and emergency training for new cabin crew and pilots. Majority of the affected flights cover services to Seoul-Incheon. Immediate action was taken within 48 hours from the first flight change, 100% of the affected 2,070 passengers were notified and protected by working closely with our travel partners. Affected guests have either been re-accommodated on other flights of HK Express and other carriers with no impact on their travel dates, or refunded.

HK Express apologises deeply once again for the disruptions and inconvenience caused to the affected guests.