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Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharge Amount

Effective from 1 February 2020, fuel surcharge applicable to HK Express air tickets for all flights except those departing Japan and Korea is as follows:


Hong Kong Fuel Surcharge Amount(Per Sector)

HK Fuel Surcharge Amount (One Way)
Point of Origin* From 1 Feb 2020
All except Japan and Korea HKD 112 or equivalent in foreign currencies

For flights departing Japan and Korea:


Fuel Surcharge Amount(Per Sector)

Fuel Surcharge Amount (One Way)
Point of Origin* Until 31 Jan 2020 From 1 Feb 2020
Japan JPY 750 JPY 750
Korea KRW 8,900 KRW 12,400

※ First point of departure of the whole journey in a single booking.

  • Fuel surcharges may be adjusted in accordance with fuel prices.
  • The above fuel surcharge applies on a per sector and per passenger basis.
  • Fuel surcharge will be included as part of the ticket price, collected in currency of point of origin.
  • Applicable to all fare categories, regular and bonus tickets.
  • Fuel surcharges are applicable to all Guests except for infants under the age of 2, who do not occupy seats