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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Special Ticketing Arrangements

  1. Why is there a fare difference for date change to the same route?
    • Due to the limited supply of fare classes, if the fare of the rebooked flight is higher than the original one, fare difference may apply to the booking; if the fares of both the rebooked and original flights are the same, then there is no fare difference; if the fare of the rebooked flight is lower than the original one, no fare difference will be refunded.


  2. My booking is eligible for a free change of route/date, can I amend it myself through Manage My Booking?
    • No, guests are advised to reach us either through live chat on our website, our dedicated hotline at (852) 3902 0299, or email for further assistance.


  3. My booking is eligible for a free change of route/date, will my baggage allowance or other additional serivces be transfered to the new booking?
    • Yes.
  1. If there are multiple passengers in one booking, do I need to submit multiple refund applications?
    • No, but please note that each booking can only submit refund application once, you will have to select all Guests and sectors that you wish to refund in your application.


  2. If only one flight segment of my booking is affected, can I request for a full refund?


  3. I have applied for a refund before the announcement of flight cancellation / the latest immigration policies. Can I re-submit my refund application or amend my existing refund application?
    • Once the tax refund application has been submitted, it cannot be revoked or changed. As soon as the tax refund application is submitted, the Guest has cancelled the original reservation. HK Express will not accept any further request regarding such cancelled reservation.


  4. When submitting the refund application through the system, the message "You do not have any valid segment for refund application!" appeared and no refund confirmation number was generated. Have I successfully submitted my refund application?
    • Please contact us via live chat on our official website for further assistance.


  5. If my booking is eligible for a refund, can my baggage fees and other additional services be refunded? Does that include travel insurance?
    • Checked baggage fees and other additional services are refundable. For travel insurance refund, please contact Zurich Customer Service Team at (852) 2903 9429.


  6. Due to various immigration restrictions, I would like to apply for a refund, but I am unable to log in to the refund portal 48 hours prior to my flight, what should I do?
    • Due to high traffic volumes, some Guests may experience slow loading of our refund portal. If Guests are unable to log in to the refund portal before flight departure, please send us an email at with your names and booking reference number for our records. This email will serve as a time record. Guests will still need to submit a refund via our refund portal as an official request. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


  7. If I selected the wrong reason when requesting a refund, do I need to resubmit the application?
    • If the Guest made an incorrect selection of refund reason, an email notification indicating the refund result will be sent to the guest within 6 to 8 weeks. If the refund application has been rejected, the Guest can then resubmit the application.


  8. The terms and conditions in the refund application system indicated "No refund for HK Express tickets". Can I still apply for a refund for my booking/affected flight segments?
    • Under normal circumstances, only tax is refundable for HK Express flights. If the Guest's flight is eligible for a special refund, these terms and conditions do not apply. To check for flights' eligibility for special refunds, please visit Important Travel Notice page.


  9. I have applied for a tax refund/full refund, but did not receive a confirmation email. Have I successfully submitted my application?
    • Refund applications are considered sucessful once an application number has been generated. The issuance of this unique number means that we have received the Guest's application, and no confirmation email will be issued. All applications will be reviewed and the processing time varies between 6 to 8 weeks starting from the date of application.


  10. Can I apply for a refund via the system if I booked my tickets through a third-platform or travel agency?
    • Apologies, we cannot process refunds for third parties. Please contact the third-party platform/travel agency for refund applications.


  11. I used Asia Miles to redeem HK Express flights and/or other services, can my miles/e-vouchers be resinstated?
  1. How can I obtain a flight cancellation certificate?
    • You can apply for a certificate online here.


  2. I have sent an email to, when will I receive a response?
    • Due to the high volume of enquiries, approximately 10 days. For urgent enquiries, please reach us either through live chat on our website or our dedicated hotline at (852) 3902 0299.


  3. Where can I find the immigration restrictions and measures of various countries?


  4. When will you announce flight arrangements for Japan/Thailand departing after 1 April?
    • For flights from 1 April 2020 onwards, we will continue to evaluate the situation and announce any changes on our website as soon as possible. We will send texts message via your registered phone number or email address for any flight updates.


  5. Does HK Express Travel Protection Plan comply to immigration restrictions imposed by Thailand authorities?
    • HK Express Travel Protection Plan will be upgraded to comply to Thailand's immigration restrictions for Guests departing to Thailand between 13 Mar to 31 May 2020, one of which is the max. benefit per insured person per insured journey is increased to HKD 800,000. For details of the revised protection plan, please see here.