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Customer Service Plan

Committed to low fares

HK Express continuously strives to offer the lowest available fares to all guests, on all routes on which we operate. Guests will always be offered the lowest available fare for their particular journey and itinerary at the time of booking through our website at

HK Express commits to being transparent about all applicable taxes, fees and charges before your payment is made. If we become aware at any time of any competitor fares which are lower than HK Express on the same dates and route, we will adjust our prices to ensure that we are not beaten on price. We endeavor to offer fares at least 50% cheaper on average than Full Service Carriers on the same route.

Notification to Guests of Delays, Cancellations and Diversions

Flight delays, cancellations and diversions are frustrating but sometimes an inevitable part of air travel. In the event of a flight cancellation, a delay of more than 30 minutes or a diversion, we will notify you via email, SMS and/or phone call. Within 30 minutes of us finding out about the disruption, we will provide you with the best available information via our website, our recorded email, SMS and airport information board.

Minimizing Inconvenience that results from Flight Cancelations or missed connections

We do our best to minimize the inconvenience that is caused by posting them on our website under the travel advisory page. In addition, we will notify you via email, SMS or call in advance at the contact details you have provided to us in your booking. If you are already at the airport when a flight is cancelled we comply fully with the requirements of in accordance with applicable U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and in accordance with our compensation policies and procedures for determining boarding priority

Delivering Baggage on Time

If in the event your baggage goes missing, we assure you it will be delivered to its rightful owner. WE will do everything in our power to get it back to you within 24 hours. All expenses or costs incurred will be covered by HK Express. In case of damaged baggage moving in international transportation, a complaint must be made in writing to HK Express immediately after the discovery of damage and, at the latest, within seven days from receipt; in case of delay, complaint must be made within 21 days from the date the baggage was delivered.

Allowing Reservations to be Held or Cancelled without Penalty for 24 Hours

All HK Express fares are non-refundable except for flights to/from the United States, where you may cancel the ticketed reservation without penalty and receive a full refund provided that you cancel the reservation within 24 hours of a completed booking and if the reservation is made more than one week prior to departure.

Provide Prompt Refunds Where Due

Where a Guests claims and is entitled to a refund, HK Express will refund promptly for credit cards and within 20 working days if paid by cash or check.

Assisting and Enabling Guests with Special Needs

HK Express is committed to providing you with safe, reliable service, and our friendly staff are available to help throughout your journey. Guests requiring additional assistance, including individuals with disabilities, will be provided with the utmost attention and care. We comply fully with our obligations that all employees who have interaction with passengers are trained in accordance with the Air Carrier Access Act and DOT rules for accommodating guests with disabilities (Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 382). You can find more about the services we offer for guests with special needs by visiting the special assistance page on our website.

Meeting Guests Essential Needs During Lengthy Tarmac Delays

On very rare occasions unforeseen events such as weather, air traffic control, operations and other factors may cause a lengthy tarmac delay either prior to take off or after landing. In the event of a lengthy tarmac delay, HK Express will take all reasonable measures to ensure guests are kept up to date with the latest information available and make every effort to ensure that essential needs are met by providing snack refreshments, lavatory facilities and access to basic medical assistance. For more information please view our Tarmac Delay plan here.

Handling of Overbooking

By careful monitoring and control, we do our utmost to match the number of available seats to the number of guests that we expect will show up on the flight. In addition, the occurrence of any force majeure events (e.g. war, adverse weather conditions, political or military acts, or any other events that are not controllable by HK Express) may also lead to overbooking of flights and that the availability of seats cannot be guaranteed for such reasons.
When such conditions occur, it's our policy to arrange the first available alternate accommodations as efficiently as possible and/or compensate eligible guests in accordance with applicable U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and in accordance with our compensation policies and procedures for determining boarding priority.

Disclosure of Cancellation Policies and Other Information

HK Express may cancel or suspend your use of the Internet Booking System at any time without notice if HK Express suspects that the booking system or your User ID and Password/PIN is being used, or may be used by a machine or human being. However, we will provide clear information to our guests about flight cancellation policies on our website or through our guest contact center.

Notifying Guests in a Timely Manner of Changes to Travel Itineraries

The flight times shown in timetables may change between the date of publication and the date you actually travel. Before we accept your booking, we will notify you of the scheduled flight time in effect as of that time, and it will be shown on your ticket. It is possible we may need to change the scheduled flight time subsequent to the issuance of your ticket. If you provide us with contact information, we endeavor to notify you of any such changes in advance at the phone number or email address you have provided us in your booking record. WE urge all gusts to provide as much and as accurate information as possible.

Ensuring Responsiveness to Guest Complaints

We dedicated to providing the best service for our guests but sometimes however things do not go according to the plan and please let us know if you feel that we have not lived up to your expectations. Under normal circumstances, HK Express will provide a substantive written response to complaints within 7 working days of receipt. We do not expect Guests to wait over 28 working days.
Note: This document is intended only for Guests travelling to/from US territories or minor outlying islands, in accordance to US Department of Transportation regulations.

Contact information

For help, feedback, enquiries and general contact information please click here.

United States Government contact information

Aviation Consumer Protection Division, US Department of Transportation contacts:

Mailing Address:
Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75
U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20590