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Seat Options

Enjoy a fabulous deal by selecting your seats in advance. Secure a comfortable spot alongside your family and friends! For those who do not purchase a seat, a random one will be assigned to you during check-in.

1. Sweet Seats

Stretch our for extra comfort!

A320 / A320neo aircraft – Row 1 and Emergency Exit Rows (Row 12-13)

A321 aircraft – Row 1 and Emergency Exit Rows (Row 11, 12AF and 26)

A321neo aircraft – Row 1 and Emergency Exit Rows (Row 19-20 and 30)

Sweet Seats are located in row 1 as well as rows 12 and 13(Emergency Exit Row). Please note that row 11 and 12 do not recline. Please contact our staff at check-in counter regarding the availability of sweet seats on your flight.


2. Upfront Seats

Disembark conveniently.

A320 / A320neo / A321 aircraft – Rows 2-5
A321neo aircraft – Rows 2-6


3. Standard Seats

Ensure your preferred spot.

Any seats other than Sweet Seats and Upfront Seats


Notice to passengers

      1. Please note that If you upgrade your seat after purchase, the original seat fee will be forfeited and refunds are not applicable.
      2. Passengers who opt for Emergency Exit Row are advised to read the following requirement before making a purchase.

Emergency Exit Row Requirements

Emergency Exit Row requirements are subject to safety guidelines of the Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong. A Customer may be assigned such seat if he/she will not obstruct emergency exits in a way of impeding the crew in their duties, obstructing access to emergency equipment, or hindering aircraft evacuation and meets the following safety requirements:

          • Willing to assist, both physically and mentally capable to perform emergency exit operation in the event of an evacuation
          • Able to understand printed or graphic indications or oral commands regarding an evacuation
          • At least 18 years of age
          • Not to be seated with an infant
          • Do not require the use of an extension seat belt
          • Not a Customer with reduced mobility, this includes:
            • Travelling with mobility aids (i.e. wheelchair, walking stick, guide dog etc.)
            • Visual, hearing, intellectual or any other impairment that may hinder the understanding or carrying out actions instructed by cabin crews
            • Require the use of portable medical electronic device (PMED)
            • Do not have a condition that might cause harm to the Customer him/herself when assisting with evacuation procedures (i.e. Pregnant Customer)

If for any reason a Customer feels that they are unwilling or unable to perform the functions listed above, they must contact our staff for immediate reseating.

If a passenger does not fulfil the above safety requirements, HK Express may re-assign an alternative seat before or during the journey without a refund of the seat reservation fee.


Booking via

Booking via
Initial Booking* Standard Seats 60 1,000 400
Upfront Seats 120 2,000 900
Sweet Seats 215 3,600 1,500
Manage My Booking (After Initial Booking) Standard Seats 65 1,100 500
Upfront Seats 125 2,100 1,000
Sweet Seats 220 3,700 1,600

Booking via Call Center

Call Center Standard Seats 70 1,200 600
Upfront Seats 135 2,300 1,100
Sweet Seats 240 4,000 1,700

Airport Counter Purchase / Inflight Seat Change

Airport / Inflight Standard Seats 75 1,300 700
Upfront Seats 145 2,400 1,200
Sweet Seats 260 4,400 1,800

Starting from September 1, 2023, the accepted payment methods onboard will be Octopus Card, VISA, and Mastercard.

Extra Seats

The purchase of extra seat is for Customer’s own comfort only. Transportation or storage of personal items or extra baggage at the extra seat is not allowed.

Please note that to purchase an extra seat, you must book your flight via our Call Centre and request the purchase at the time of booking. Advance seat assignment is required to arrange adjacent seats for your flight, any associated fees incurred for such advance seat assignment will be charged to your booking.

If you would like to have more details, please contact our Call Centre for assistance.

*Prices shown here are base rates, applicable discounts are not included