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Flights from Hong Kong to Clark

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Clark is just 2 hours away from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Being a former US military base, Clark has been known as the “little America of the East”. While Manila is a good place to learn about the ties between Spain and the Philippines, Clark is the destination with many American traits to explore. Nowadays, Clark has already been converted into a Special Economic Zone with many new tourist attractions including theme parks, shopping malls and hotel resorts, offering a wide variety of entertainment activities for visitors. You can even explore the beautiful scenery in the woods to meet and learn the stories of the Aetas, the indigenous habitants. 

Subic Bay, a hotspot for holidays with rainforest preserved, is a close neighbour of Clark. Embark on an exciting adventure in the jungle and have a splash of fun at the popular water park there. Make the most of your unforgettable holiday in the Philippines, by beginning your journey to two major hotspots in one-go in Clark.

Cheap flights to Clark, Philippines: HK Express currently operates flights between Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and Clark International Airport (CRK).  Please use our search feature above to find the cheapest flights for your date of travel!

Clark Special Economic Zone

Clark, the ex-military base is now a Special Economic Zone, which has been becoming an international tourist and business centre. Take a stroll around the area to feel the American town style. Its history as an air base is well documented by the Air Force City Park and the Clark Museum.

Fontana Leisure Park is one of the newest tourist spots in the Philippines. With golf courses, a casino and a water park, it is an ideal place for an easy and fruitful stay. An international hot air balloon festival that takes place in February each year in Clark is also a globally well-known event.

Angeles City

Located right next to the Clark Special Economic Zone, which was a US military base, Angeles City has become busy and lively throughout the years.

With large numbers of bars in the city, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment and nightlife. There are also many restaurants in the city, with the famous cooking skills of the Pampangan. They will for sure satisfy your taste buds and live up the name of the “City of Angels”.

Subic Bay

Setting off from Clark, it is just a short 1-hour ride to Subic Bay, its neighbouring popular tourist spot. With shopping malls and duty-free shops, you can easily shop for nice products with the best deal. Breath-taking sunshine and beaches in Subic Bay, together with the beautiful sea view comparable to Cebu and Boracay, are the reasons for enjoying different kinds of activities in the sea. Don’t forget to make trips to the forest of Subic Bay and be amazed by the raw and peaceful side of the Philippines.


Aqua Planet

With 14 themed areas and many thrilling slides and attractions, Aqua Planet is one of the biggest water parks in Southeast Asia.  With extensive dining, shopping and entertainment facilities, it is a nice place to get a splash with family and friends!

Mount Pinatubo

Mount Pinatubo, the volcano which is located right next to the Clark Special Economic Zone, has once exploded in the 90s. After over 30 years of natural recovery, Mount Pinatubo’s stunning beauty has again attracted visitors, with a peaceful and natural environment to enjoy. Take a day tour to trek through the world's largest creeks and mountain terrains and enjoy the views of the emerald waters of the lake.

Aeta’s tribe area

The Aetas are the indigenous people living in the protected forest areas. Some believes that they have the owners of the land since they first arrived 20,000 years ago. Characterised by their dark skin, the short but agile Aetas know their way of surviving in the jungle well. Get a warm welcome here at their tribes to learn about their culture and live, on the land they called “Ubatod”.

Zoobic Safari

The Zoobic Safari is a 25-hectare forest adventure park and the home of safari’s animals such as deers, alligators, and lions. Ride on a safari vehicle for an exciting adventure, have a test of courage by interacting closely with the wild animals!

The Clark Special Economic Zone is conveniently located nearby the airport. With a range of hotel selections, including multinational brands, some hotels are equipped with different entertainment facilities and even golf courses. It is definitely not an issue to spend your day by just staying in the hotels.

Alternatively, you may consider affordable options in Angeles City, or living in the popular resorts in the Subic Bay area. You may even drive to the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar at Bataan for a unique accommodation experience at the European manor.

Clark International Airport (CRK) is located in the northern part of the island of Luzon, which served as the U.S. military air base. HK Express currently operates flights between Hong Kong to Clark International Airport (CRK).

Clark International Airport Transportation

To travel between Clark International Airport and the city centre or nearby cities, tourists may either take a taxi, city bus, or a Jeepney - the old jeeps that were once used by the US military force. One of the popular ways to embark on the journey to Clark is to travel from Clark International Airport to SM City Clark.


Clark is an area mainly for tourism, hence its traffic is not as busy as that of the metropolitan city, Manila. Don’t worry about transportation, as attractions are within a short distance from each other, and some are worth spending a day enjoying. You can take the jeepneys, the most iconic public transport in the Philippines, to travel like the locals, by hopping on and off anywhere along the route.

Subic Bay on another side of the mountains is just an hour away from Clark by car, making journeys easy for tourists to visit both places in one trip.

Make the most of the sunshine and beaches in Clark and Subic Bay anytime, with the Philippines’ all-year-round summer-like weather. November to May is particularly the best period of time to visit, when you can enjoy sunbathing or any water activities at your choice. The Philippines has a tropical climate with its temperature at around 25°C to 32°C. Casual summer outfits are the pick, with a light jacket to bring along.


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How long is the flight between Hong Kong and Clark?

The average flight time between Hong Kong and Clark is around 2 hours.

When is the best time to visit Clark?

The best time to visit Clark is from November to May next year.

How long does it take to travel from Clark to Subic Bay?

Subic Bay is just an hour away from Clark by car.


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