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Getting to know Kumamoto

Located in the western part of Japan, Kumamoto is the third largest city in Kyushu. As the “Land of Water”, Kumamoto has a rich source of clean natural groundwater and is supplying most of the drinking water for 11 municipalities, including Kumamoto City. Since the active volcano, Mount Aso is one of the signature landscapes in Kumamoto, the city is also called the “Land of Fire”.

Kumamoto City provides a wide range of local dishes and specialty food like the Red Wagyu Donburi that is savory and juicy, Kumamoto Ramen with heavy roasted garlic, raw horse meat that is fresh and tasty, and the colorful “Ikinari Dango”. Food lovers must not miss it!

There are all together 5 wards in Kumamoto. The major shopping centre is in Chuo Ward, which is home to the famous Kumamoto Castle. A lot of historical and cultural attractions can be found in Minami Ward and Nishi Ward along with lovely parks.

Kumamoto Castle

Considered one of the three premier castles in Japan, Kumamoto Castle is a large and well-fortified hilltop Japanese castle once being destroyed by a fire and rebuilt in 1960. Exhibitions and historical relics of the two ruling feudal families, the Katos and the Hosokawas as well as of the Seinan Rebellion are housed in the tower buildings.

Suizenji Jojuen Park

Suizenji Jojuen Park is a traditional Japanese garden landscaped around a natural spring pond. The Kokin-Denju-no-Ma teahouse in the park was brought from Kyoto in 1912 and is now a place where tourists can enjoy traditional Japanese tea.

Yuuhouen Fruits Land

Yuuhouen Fruits Land is a unique farm that has crops ready for picking all year round. In the spring, visitors can come for bamboo shoots and fiddlehead ferns. Grapes and pears are ready from the end of summer through fall, followed by chestnuts. In winter, visitors can pick oranges and citrus junos.

Kumamoto has many choices when it comes to accommodation. Visitors to Kumamoto will find a wide range of hotels from luxury to budget in city centre.

Buses, taxis and Kumamoto City Tram are the major public transportation facilities in Kumamoto City. To go to major sightseeing spots such as Kumamoto Castle and Suizenji Joju-en Garden, Kumamoto City Tram will be a great way. Visitors can purchase a one-day city tram pass for unlimited on the city tram system that runs east and west in Kumamoto City.


Average: 2°C - 11°C

Don't forget your winter coat.


Average: 6°C - 20°C

Enjoy your journey with a light jacket on.


Average: 22°C - 30°C

Be prepared of frequent heavy rain.


Average: 14°C - 23°C

It’d good to bring a jacket.


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100V 50Hz


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Shinto, Buddhism


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