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Getting to know Nagasaki

Located on the island of Kyushu in Southern Japan, Nagasaki is a vibrant and charming city with a mix of Japanese and Western cultures. In the past, it was once the only port in Japan opened for international trade with Western countries, laying the foundation for Japan’s modernization. The traces of Western influences could be reflected in the city’s exotic townscape and former foreign residences bearing Western architectural style.

This city has a centre full of busy izakayas and restaurants, and you can easily find delicious fusion cuisine in every corner. As a past trading port, the city is filled with rich UNESCO heritage sites and historic churches. You will get to experience a different side of Japan if you visit Nagasaki.

Nagasaki has an array of specialty food and a unique East-meets-West culinary style. Check out Nagasaki’s iconic food - champon noodles, a tasty ramen made with pork broth, vegetables and seafood, the Castella sponge cake introduced by the Portuguese back in the 16th century, or the soft and perfectly marbled Ikigyu beef. Available all year round, be sure not to miss the freshest seafood as well!


The downtown area of Nagasaki has every dining, shopping and sightseeing experience you wish to have as most of the popular spots are located downtown. Pray for world peace by visiting Peace Park don't miss a tour around the museum and memorial. Stroll through Dejima in a kimono and experience the blend of exotic cultures in the historical western-style residences. Enjoy the spectacular night views from the nearby mountain. There is also an entertainment district and various temples located downtown, showcasing the diversity of Nagasaki.


Sotome is a rural, coastal area in the north of Nagasaki. This peaceful and scenic town has witnessed the painful history of Christian heritage in Nagasaki. As such, you could find many churches around the area.


The island is just a short boat ride from Nagasaki city and is easy to explore by foot or on bicycle. In summer it is a popular beach spot and a favourite onsen spot in winter. Don't forget to treat yourself to a specialty spa at one of the island’s hot spring resorts!

Enjoy the Nightscape from Mount Inasa

Nagasaki was selected as having one of the world’s top three nightscapes. Take the ropeway up the Mount Inasa Observatory at 333m high to gaze over the most spectacular harbor nightscape with the city lights below your feet and the Mount Unzen volcano in the background.

Nagasaki Peace Park

Located next to the epicentre of the atomic bomb, Nagasaki Peace Park is a large, open courtyard with stunning history. At the back of the park stands a Peace Statue, with its right hand pointing up to the sky where the atomic bomb exploded and its left arm stretching horizontal, expressing the wish for peace.

Dejima Island

Dejima was originally a small island built in the harbour as a Dutch trading post, and now its two-storey wooden buildings have been restored, creating the original village layout. Only a short walk from the harbourfront, you will find yourself entering a whole different era of Japan, exploring traces of the Western influences on Japan.

Glover Gardens & the Dutch Slope

Glover Gardens represents the colonial Nagasaki where you can find grand mansions with magnificent harbour views on top of the Dutch slope. This includes the former residence of the Scottish merchant Thomas Blake Glover, one of the major contributors to Japan’s modernization. Don’t forget to have a slice of Castella cake at the Dutch cafe!


Also known as the Battleship Island and one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites, Gunkanjima is an abandoned and derelict industrial island. It became a popular tourist spot after being featured in the James Bond film Skyfall.

Nagasaki has a wide range of hotels from luxury to budget in the city centre and mostly within walkable distance to the main transport locations or tourist spots. They are mostly scattered in these areas: Nagasaki Station area, Peace Park area, Glover Garden area, Hamano-machi area and some hot spring resorts in the Mt. Inasa area.

Buses and streetcars are the main transportation options to get around in downtown and they can get you to nearly all the popular tourist spots. Visitors can purchase the day pass to save cost and travel more easily.


Average: 2°C - 11°C
Put your winter coat on. Chances of light snowfall.


Average: 6°C - 20°C
Enjoy the cherry blossoms in nice weather.


Average: 22°C - 30°C
Be prepared for frequent heavy rain.


Average: 10°C - 23°C
Bring along a jacket.


Japanese Yen (JPY)


100V 50Hz


Japanese, English



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Shinto, Buddhism


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