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Health Declaration Form by Destination

All arrival passengers must fill in the health declaration forms when entering the below destinations. We advise Customers to complete the form before you travel to facilitate a smooth journey.

Destination Link

Please complete the immigration and customs declaration form before check-in. Also, to enjoy the "fast track" service of the quarantine procedure, please complete the declaration at least 6 hours before your flight's scheduled arrival time in Japan:

(If applicable)Please obtain the COVID-19 Negative Test Result Certificate complying with the below requirements before check-in:

Hong Kong SAR

Passengers boarding flights and entering Hong Kong as final destination from overseas places or designated region must submit the online ‘Health & Quarantine Information Declaration Form’ of the Hong Kong Department of Health in advance at and present it at check-in for verification and boarding.
As the requirement for COVID-19 testing upon arrival in Hong Kong, passengers are advised to avoid eating, drinking, mouth-washing or teeth-brushing 2 hours before landing

South Korea Paper form: Passengers have to fill up paper Health Declaration on arrival and download Self Diagnosis Mobile App:
Thailand Passengers have to fill up paper Health Declaration on arrival or; Download mobile app:
Vietnam eform:
United States
Singapore Passengers must submit fill and submit the Singapore Arrival Card at before check-in and present it at check-in for verification and boarding. In addition, Please click here to download the Health Declaration, print out and complete the form, and then bring it to our Check-in counter for check-in.