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What's an LCC?

An LCC or Low Cost Carrier follows an airline business model that uses the latest technology, from aircraft through to systems, operating at high utilisation, to eliminate those costs that do not add to the customer experience. This enables an LCC to bring the same high level of safety to air travel, but with the lowest fares to the routes or markets that it serves. These are usually markets that have traditionally suffered from high prices and reduced service enabling more people to fly that otherwise would not have done. LCCs democratise air travel in this way.

Another way we keep fares low is to give our customers the choice as to what extra services that they would like, things like meals and beverages on the flight, or a seat with extra leg room, or a checked bag. This enables a substantial amount of wastage to be eliminated, enabling lower fares which are passed on to the customer.

What does a Low Cost Carrier do for you?

  • Provides you with the safest travel at the lowest fare allowing you to travel even more.
  • Gets you to your destination on time, everytime.
  • You pay only for the services you want. That is how we keep our fares low.
  • Offers direct flights to the most popular destinations.
  • We offer the simplest, most convenient way to book.

While low cost may mean low fares, this doesn’t mean we compromise on service or safety. Getting you to your destination on -time, safely and in comfort has always been our number one priority.