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Be a part of our family!

Dear Cabin Crew, you will bring the joy of vacation to passengers who fly with HK Express, creating delightful journeys for them through excellent inflight services and customer experience. At HK Express, safety and comfort are our top priorities, which are demonstrated through professionalism and reliable services.

What do our Cabin Crew say about us?

HK Express is never short of opportunities to excel.

"My career in aviation started as a flight attendant and I worked my way up the ranks. Bidding our passengers goodbye on each flight, receiving praise from them and seeing their happy faces at disembarkation motivate me mentally and physically. At this job, I get to meet people from all walks of life, and am truly honoured to work with such amazing and professional colleagues who have become my friends for life."

Shar Chan
Senior Purser

HK Express has redefined the meaning of travel.

"People here are full of energy, ensuring every passenger has a safe and enjoyable journey. HK Express also encourages work-life balance, which enables me to develop various hobbies and motivates me to enrich my life in different ways."

Eric Lau
Flight Attendant

Collaborative teams and joyful passengers are my motivations at HK Express.

"In this family, ideas can be shared freely amongst vibrant team members who always wear a smile. I’m privileged to have the opportunity to grow with HK Express together. This is a great workplace that promotes collaboration and positive culture. I look forward to welcoming more passengers onto our flights and hope they will continue to support HK Express when they are planning their vacations in the future."

Bell Chan
Senior Purser

HK Express reinforces the spirit of adventure and commitment to our passengers.

"I’m one of the Japanese cabin crew members of HK Express. It is rewarding to fly with different passionate and responsible crew members. I enjoy living in Hong Kong, which is a very dynamic city. I love interacting with our passengers from various cultures even in a limited time during our flights."

Kevin Okazaki
Flight Attendant

HK Express is like a second home to me.

"As a cabin crew at HK Express, safety always comes to our minds. The bright smiles on our passengers’ faces are one of the motivations for me to do better. From training to operation, I’ve acquired valuable industry knowledge and problem-solving skills. Apart from work, I’m also involved in company activities. I was once the emcee of our annual dinner and am now one of the company’s brand ambassadors, all of which enrich my experiences!"

Cherrie Tang
Flight Purser


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