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What do our employees say about us?

HK Express encourages me to grow and develop both professionally and personally.

"I’ve been working at HK Express for more than 4 years. Being a part of the Marketing team, I am responsible for planning, implementing and managing the overall digital marketing strategy. In this role, I was given opportunities to travel to different countries for various marketing initiatives. I obtained valuable market insights and broadened my professional knowledge. I’m grateful to work here with my lovely team members in such a collaborative atmosphere which makes us constantly achieve greater heights."

Cynthia Siu
Assistant Manager, Digital Marketing

As an LCC and a market disruptor, we do things innovatively and unconventionally.

"In 2016, I started my journey as a Financial Planning & Analysis Officer where my business acumen was honed. Time flies, I am now the Corporate Planning Manager and I still carry the same excitement as my first day here - making air travel affordable. The urge to constantly become better is both exciting and challenging."

Daniel Tsang
Manager, Corporate Planning

It’s great to work at a company whose name speaks for itself in Hong Kong’s LCC industry.

"The collaborative teamwork advances us towards the common goal of providing more with lower cost. As an IT specialist, I love the way HK Express explores cutting-edge solutions to facilitate seamless travel to our customers. We integrate our data, AI/ML and other technologies into every aspect of our business. I hope our innovation inspires a new adventure for both our people and passengers."

Jayden Chan
Assistant Manager, Digital Transformation

HK Express continuously motivates employees with challenges.

"I joined HK Express in 2017. It’s an honour to work for one of the well-known airlines in Hong Kong. I enjoy working with the Operations Control Team as we are all so supportive of each other. I was involved in the development of a contingency plan to provide support for our crew members around the clock. I look forward to learning and growing as an aviation professional here!"

Candy Leung
Supervisor, Crew Control

The working atmosphere is vibrant, and I can always voice out my ideas.

"Working in the System Development Team of HK Express, I participate in different projects related to check-in system enhancement and smart airport development. Throughout these opportunities, not only do I with the internal parties but also the representatives of the airport operators and our vendors, in which I gained valuable insights and industry knowledge. It is my great pleasure to be a part of the HK Express family!"

Sam Lau
Specialist, eCommerce (Passenger Service System)




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