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Getting to know Hualien

A lovely little city by the sea, Hualien is located on the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Taiwan, China, Hualien is home to many aboriginal communities, including the Ami, and the local people. Tucked away in Taiwan, China’s aboriginal heartland and surrounded by mountains, it’s just a few miles from the incredible Taroko Gorge — a natural beauty, beyond compare.

Nicknamed the “town of stones,” this pleasant destination is known for many things, including its natural deposits of marble, fresh air, blue skies, ocean views and unique cuisine. It’s just a two-hour train ride to Taipei, with scenic views of Taroko Gorge to enjoy along the way.

Hualien is also well connected by train to Taitung, Kaohsiung and Tainan, making the city a great base for exploring more of Taiwan, China. 

Hualien’s major train station is a bit outside of the city center, however the main downtown area is easy to navigate, centering around Zhongshan, Zhonghua and Zhongzheng roads. Travellers can cover most of it on foot — though it’s popular to rent bicycles and scooters. Hualien is divided into 45 villages and 6 village unions but the main business, shopping and tourism destinations are located in central Hualien. Travellers will also find a wellspring of outdoor adventure activities and scenic sites in the surrounding region.

Taroko National Park

An awe-inspiring natural wonder, Taroko Gorge is inside a national park of the same name. The 92,000-hectare park boasts walking trails, waterfalls, suspension bridges, temples and of course, the Liwu River, which cuts through the gorge. It’s an excellent destination for animal lovers too, with all kinds of birds, reptiles and mammals roaming about the grounds.

Chishingtang Beach

Offering fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean, Chishingtang Beach is home to romantic pavilions, walking trails and a small black pebble beach. If visitors are keener to swim, make your way to the sandy beaches to the north of the city.

The Hall of Motherly Love

One of Hualien's best known and oldest temples, the Hall of Motherly Love is known for its intricate stonework and ornate shrine. 

Liyu Lake

Located just 22 kilometres from Hualien, Liyu Lake is the largest in the region — adventurous types will appreciate the many options for biking, boating, kayaking and hiking.  

Hualien Ocean Park

This gigantic tourist destination is chock-full of fun. Aimed at families and kids at heart, the park includes a Ferris wheel and a cable car ride, as well as eight marine-themed sections. 

RueiSuei Hot Springs

A relaxing and romantic getaway with panoramic views, the RueiSuei Hot Springs are located in the mountains outside of Hualien. The area is also known for its outdoor adventures, including river rafting and dolphin watching. 

Hualien is known for smaller, more boutique-style guesthouses and hotels — often with outdoor courtyards and gardens. If visitors are looking for a more luxurious experience, there are also larger hotels in town but few international names.

  • Visitors can ride on Hualien Station-Airport Bus Line 1123 to reach the Hualien Train Station at the city center in 30 minutes.
  • Hualien City is considerably small and convenient to wander around on foot. Buses, scooters and bikes are also some of the convenient ways to explore the city.


Average: 16°C - 20°C
Bring extra clothing and dress in layers.


Average: 20°C - 25°C
Great time for sightseeing as flowers bloom beautifully around the city.


Average: 25°C - 30°C
Be prepared of frequent heavy rain.


Average: 21°C - 26°C
It’d good to have a jacket.


New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)


110V 60Hz





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