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Community Support

HK Express Nurtures Youth Development and Talent – Organizing School Sharing Events with The Lam Foundation (Nov 2021)

HK Express has long invested in youth education and career development in hopes of inspiring creative, enthusiastic new talents to join the aviation industry.

In 2021, the airline discovered a like-minded partner in The Lam Foundation – a charitable fund that mentors young people who are passionate about innovation, technology and aviation. With an aim to broaden students’ horizons, the organisation provides STEM-based programmes on aeronautics, offers overseas scholarships, participates in exchange tours, and helps students join international paper airplane competitions.

In collaboration with The Lam Foundation, HK Express held two school sharing events at Chung Sing School and Yuen Long Merchants Association Primary School in November 2021. Almost 180 students – all passionate about aviation – joined the insightful event.

During the visit, our pilots and cabin crew members shared personal stories about chasing their dreams and answered questions, then spent time with the students during an array of aviation-themed activities. For example, HK Express volunteers organised a paper plane competition, flight simulation exercise and cabin crew role-playing activities, so the youth could learn all about the daily responsibilities of our pilots and cabin crew members.

“Passion is our fuel. But passion alone is not enough,” says Mr. Paulo Neto, a First Officer of HK Express. “You have to transform the energy and motivation that it gives to you into dedication, hard work, and resilience to overcome the various adversities that inevitably will get in your way.”

Through programmes like this one, we hope that students who are full of enthusiasm and vibrancy will continue to pursue their aviation dreams.

HK Express Stands By the Underprivileged Families – Launching a Donation Drive to Agent of Change (Aug 2021)

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, rising unemployment rates and slower wage growth has heaped unprecedented pressure on grassroots families. Witnessing the toll of the virus, HK Express reached out to Agent of Change in August 2021 and initiated a donation campaign.

Since 2015, the charitable non-profit organisation has been committed to alleviating poverty in Hong Kong and providing affordable, high-quality daily necessities to struggling families. We donated over 174,000 essential items, such as towelettes, napkins and tissues, to grassroots families who urgently needed help. In addition, our staff volunteers helped deliver the packages to speed up the delivery process and connect with families in person.

At HK Express, we believe that doing good deeds brings the greatest joy. By gathering our team's strength, we were able to help underprivileged families with donations and compassion.

HK Express Takes Care of Our Community – Donating Surplus Food and Serving the Elderly with Food Angel (Mar 2020 – Aug 2021)

During the pandemic, many underprivileged families and elderly individuals need food assistance to get through this difficult period. Food Angel is on a mission to reduce food waste and hunger at the same time. Every day, the local charity collects edible surplus foods from over 200 markets, wholesalers, hotels and restaurants, then transforms them into over 15,000 nutritious meals for people in need.

HK Express has been working with Food Angel and donating surplus food and beverages to help support disadvantaged groups since 2020. We have been proud to support Food Angel for the past 2 years, as we believe the charity makes Hong Kong a better place for many people. So far, we have donated over 19,000 food and beverages to families and seniors in need of food assistance.

In addition to donating food, our staff also volunteers to help deliver and serve meals at the Food Angel Community Centre in Sham Shui Po, which provides a safe and loving space for more than 250 elderly people who are living alone or in crisis.

Looking ahead, we plan to continue our long-running cooperation with Food Angel and further support the local community by dedicating our time, resources and love to this meaningful cause.

HK Express Fights Against COVID-19 – Delivering Anti-Epidemic Kits with PCCN (Feb 2020)

In the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for face masks, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser skyrocketed. As these items became challenging to find, many low-income families, elderly individuals and disabled people faced a dilemma.

Observing the shortages, Post Crisis Counseling Network (PCCN), humanitarian assistance and counselling non-profit, came to their aid. In February 2020, the organisation started an online crowdfunding campaign to help underprivileged people in Hong Kong while cooperating with its Japanese branch to procure anti-epidemic essentials.

When it came time for shipping, HK Express volunteered to provide 1,700kg of air cargo from Hiroshima to Hong Kong. Upon arrival, our staff volunteers helped PCCN deliver the items to five local non-profit organisations. In total, we successfully dispatched 150,000 anti-epidemic kits – each including face masks, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes – to those in need within two weeks.

Our collaboration with PCCN reflects our commitment to support the local community and act quickly during urgent situations. By working together, we believe we can overcome the many difficulties posed during this challenging time. .