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Getting to know Taichung

Taichung is a rapidly growing city on Taiwan, China’s west coast. A metropolis of over 2.5 million people, Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan, China and has become an important economic region with a diverse economy, a successful industrial base and a leading regional shipping port. Because of these economic opportunities, the population of Taichung is generally prosperous. Taichung is also rich in history and culture and is home to some of the most renowned museums and significant historical sites in Asia.

Taichung benefits from a pleasant climate year-round. With an average annual high of 28 degrees Celsius (82 Fahrenheit), the sub-tropical climate is ideal for exploring the food and clothing markets, taking a stroll through the lush city parks or enjoying an outdoor concert in the city’s new Fulfillment Amphitheatre. Significant temples, shrines and gates are also found throughout the city as are many other historic reminders of its rich past.

The metropolitan area is made up of 29 districts. The central city itself is composed of five of these districts, Central, South, West, North and East. This is where the main commercial and business districts are and where the city’s main skyline is found. The historic Taichung Train Station is located in the Central District as is the much loved natural setting of Taichung Park. The North and East districts contain the best shopping in the city with some of the finest department stores in the city.


This is the smallest district of the city but is also the most crowded. Many businesses are located here as well as Taichung train Station and the popular Taichung Park. Due to its central location and plentiful public transport methods, this is a convenient place to stay.


The Museum of Fine Arts is located in this district along with Old City Hall and plaza as well as many of the city’s finest restaurants. Excellent shopping is also available here including a major department store chain.


The Museum of Natural Science with its attractive botanical gardens is located in the north-central section of the city. This is also the main shopping area of the city where a selection of shops and department stores can be found.

Taichung is filled with cultural events and activities where one can pass the time in interesting and engaging museums. A multitude of lovely temples and shrines dot the city and these structures demonstrate Taichung’s architectural past while reflecting its architectural progression. Traditional outdoor markets are a staple of the city and a great place to sample the wonderful foods and purchase ethnic souvenirs.

Old City Hall and plaza

This historic building is as imposing as it is beautiful. Old City hall decorates one side of an attractive public square where civic functions often take place. Now the environmental office the building is looked upon as one of the most beautiful in Taiwan, China.

Traditional Markets

Often located in tucked away alleys or streets, the traditional markets are filled with foods and garments and many locals go there to purchase their fresh produce. This is usually a great place to sample the delicious food as there are usually food vendors preparing traditional foods.

Museum of Natural Science

One of the most respected museums in all of Asia, this complex covers over 22 acres and is actually six museums in one. The museum is devoted to the study of the natural sciences of Botany, anthropology and more. The engaging museum houses a popular IMAX Theatre, Science Centre, Botanical Gardens and a greenhouse with rare and exotic plants.

Taichung Park

A lovely park in the centre of the city, Taichung Park acts as a conservation area and is decorated with inviting gardens, ponds and gates. This is a popular destination for locals and is enjoyed all year long due to the sub-tropical climate of Taiwan, China. Visitors can take a row boat out on the main pond which is overlooked by a decorative pavilion.

Taichung, like most major cities provides excellent choices when it comes to accommodation. While the student/backpacker choices are slimmer than most other cities, they are available and in convenient, central locations. Three to five star hotels are also available as well as ‘love motels’ that Taichung has become known for.

Love Motels/Hotels are the latest craze throughout Asia and in particular Taichung. These are usually large, elaborately decorated themed rooms with the obligatory Jacuzzi and intimate setting. Originally conceived in Japan as an alternative meeting place away from the cramped quarters of the family home and a place to escape from the prying eyes of family, these reasonably priced, but attractive rooms have become the latest trend in accommodation.

  • To travel between Taichung International Airport and the city center, tourists may either take the city buses or taxis.
  • The major public transport option in Taichung is bus. There are several operators providing transportation services in the city and the surroundings. The fares are charged by mileage per ride. For those who and it is free up to 10km ride. Tourists can also rent bikes in the inner city while train service is available for long-distance travel.


Average: 12°C - 21°C
Bring a coat and an umbrella. Wearing layers is a good idea.


Average: 17°C - 26°C
Long-sleeve shirts are fine.


Average: 23°C - 31°C
Bring sunglasses, a hat and an umbrella.


Average: 19°C - 28°C
Perfect time to head up to the mountains to see the fall foliage.


New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)


110V 60Hz





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