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U-Connect Connecting Flight Service

During your journey, you will have a connecting flight in Hong Kong International Airport

With U-Connect, you can:

  • Collect your boarding pass for both flight sectors at your departing port’s check-in counter*
  • Check-in bags on your first flight for your whole journey – no need to clear customs or claim baggage in Hong Kong International Airport.
  • If you miss your onward flight due to flight delay or unforeseen circumstances, we will honor your ticket on our next available flight. 

Please note that when you select a destination that is not directly to/from Hong Kong International Airport, U-Connect will need to be included at an additional fee. We recommend purchasing travel insurance to avoid any unexpected fees that may occur due to a missed connection.    

* For flights departing from Ningbo and Sanya, Customers might need to proceed to our transfer desk at Hong Kong International Airport to pick up their onward boarding pass for the second leg of their journey. Failure to arrive at the transfer desk at least 60 minutes before your connecting flight may result in missing your connecting flight. HK Express will place you on the next available HK Express flight to your final destination.

Please follow the steps below for your flight connection at Hong Kong International Airport 

  1. If the onward boarding pass cannot be collected at departing port or if you would like to purchase U-Connect Connecting Flight Service, follow the signs to the HK Express Transfer desk at E1 or W1, and present baggage receipt upon check-in
  2. Go through security screening
  3. Check the departure monitors for the latest gate information
  4. Arrive at the boarding gate 40 minutes before departure time