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HK Express Statement in Response to Media Enquiry

Hong Kong, 04 Oct, 2017

In response to media enquiry about cancellation of five flights on 3 and 4 of October 2017, HK Express clarified that the flights in question were unrelated to the 18 flights which the airline announced their cancellations before the “Golden Week” holidays.

Two of the five flights (flight no: UO624, UO625) were cancelled in early August and HK Express has made appropriate arrangements for the small number of affected passengers. For the other three flights (flight no: UO2546, UO5568, UO2547), the airline has informed the Airport Authority Hong Kong but eventually no tickets of those flights were sold hence there were no guests affected.

Flight Number Departure Time Itinerary
UO624 11:50 Hong Kong to Haneda (Cancelled in early August)
UO625 06:35 (Japan Time) Haneda to Hong Kong (Cancelled in early August)
UO2546 09:30 Hong Kong to Zhangjiajie (No tickets sold)
UO2547 18:00 Zhangjiajie to Hong Kong (No tickets sold)
UO5568 10:50 Hong Kong to Dan Nang (No tickets sold)