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HK Express Achieves 93% Load Factor in August

Hong Kong, 19 Thg9, 2017

Hong Kong-based airline HK Express experienced another wave of exceptional performance last month. In August, the airline saw an uptick in passengers flown, strong ancillary revenue, healthy customer satisfaction, and a robust Load Factor.

HK Express flew 353,971 passengers across its network in August, representing a 38.62% increase compared to the same month last year. Over the past 12 months, the airline flew 3,462,617 guests, a growth of 24.81% compared to the 12 months prior.

The airline’s Load Factor continues to surpass expectations month after month this summer, thanks to a surge in travellers during the busy summer season. In August, HK Express’ Load Factor jumped to 93% and remained steady at 90% in the 12 months prior.

Ancillary revenue saw growth as well, increasing to 24.71% of total revenue in August and 21.68% of total revenue over the past 12 months. The airline has capitalised on popular add-on services, such as flexible baggage allowance and optional in-flight meals, which have been instrumental in enhancing the airline’s ancillary revenue streams.

Meanwhile, HK Express noted a 71.6% on-time performance (OTP) rate over the past 12 months and a 69.4% OTP rate on average year-to-date. HK Express has been one of the most reliable airlines in Hong Kong since its transformation in 2013.

HK Express guests were pleased with the strong performance, evident in August’s low Guest Complaint Rates. Just 0.14% of guests filed negative feedback in August, with an average rate of 0.14% over the past 12 months.

“From our convenient mobile booking and personalised add-ons, to the travel experience that we build around ‘U’ our guests, HK Express is constantly thinking of how we can improve regional travel,” said Andrew Cowen, Director and CEO of HK Express. “Our increasing ancillary revenue and Load Factors make it possible – by keeping operational costs down, we can pass that savings onto our guests.”

The excellent news continued last month, as HK Express announced a new policy to ban ivory cargo, just in time for World Elephant Day in August. Furthering the airline’s social values and commitments to the environment, the decision follows HK Express’ pioneering move to ban shark fin cargo last year.

In addition, HK Express announced to name its fifth A321 aircraft (registration number: B-LEE) “Siu Loong” to embrace the legendary martial arts icon Bruce Lee, who is known for his inspiring words of wisdom, with his spirit and philosophy.


* Departures <15 minutes of scheduled departure time from Hong Kong (industry standard measure of punctuality)

** Guest Complaint Rate is calculated based on the number of complaint case per number of carried guests.