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Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharge Amount

Fuel Surcharge Amount (Per Sector)

Journeys Originating From   Until 30th Nov 2023 From 1st Dec 2023
Hong Kong Sectors between Hong Kong and All Other Countries (except Chinese Mainland) HKD 250 HKD 250
Hong Kong Sectors between Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland HKD 150 HKD 150
Japan Sectors between Japan and Hong Kong JPY 6300 JPY 9300
Korea Sectors between Korea and Hong Kong KRW 49700 KRW 40400
Chinese Mainland Sectors between Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong CNY 135 CNY 135
China - Taiwan Region Sectors between China - Taiwan Region and Hong Kong TWD 1060 TWD 1060
Thailand Sectors between Thailand and Hong Kong THB 1190 THB 1190
Vietnam Sectors between Vietnam and Hong Kong USD 33 USD 33
Philippine Sectors between Philippine and Hong Kong PHP 720 PHP 720
  • Fuel surcharges may be adjusted in accordance with fuel prices.
  • The above fuel surcharge applies on a per sector and per passenger basis.
  • Fuel surcharge will be included as part of the ticket price, collected in currency of point of origin.
  • Applicable to all fare categories, regular and bonus tickets.
  • Fuel surcharges are applicable to all Customers except for infants under the age of 2, who do not occupy seats