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FAQ (Special Assistance)

How do I request wheelchair service?

If you require wheelchair assistance, please submit your request at least 7 days before your scheduled departure time through our Customer Connect Team. Our staff will guide you throughout the booking process, ensuring your needs are addressed upon your arrival at the airport. To reserve space for your wheelchair and to ensure compliance with safety requirements, please download the checklist here. After completing the form, please upload it along with photos of your wheelchair in the designated field of the Service Request Form for verification. It is essential to notify us of your wheelchair requirements during the booking process to ensure we are prepared to assist. If you fail to make a request within the specified timeframe, we might not be able to accommodate your wheelchair as checked baggage due to limited aircraft space.

For more details, please visit "Traveling with a Mobility Aid or Wheelchairs".

What are the restrictions of persons with disabilities or in need of special assistance?

Passengers with reduced mobility or medical conditions who are unable to complete any of the below tasks independently; are defined as “Special Assistance Customers”.

  • Unfasten their seat belts
  • Leave their seats and reach an emergency exit unaided
  • Retrieve and fit their own lifejackets
  • Put on oxygen masks without assistance

These passengers are required to fly with a Personal/Safety Assistant who must be 18 or above years of age and must be physically and mentally capable of providing the required assistance. They must not be seated at emergency exit rows or seated wherein they could obstruct emergency exits, impede the crew of their duties, obstruct access to emergency equipment or hinder aircraft evacuations.

For more details, please visit "Special Assistance".

Can I bring pets or assistance dog onboard?

We do not accept pets for carriage, whether in the cabin or as checked baggage.

Assistance dog is allowed, however, there are some restrictions and documentations required.

For more details, please visit "Travelling with a Guide Dog / Assistance Dog".

What are the requirements for pregnant Customers?

Depending on the gestation period, we may require a Doctor’s Certificate stating you are “fit to travel” that must be signed by your personal physician and issued within 7 days of your flight with us.

For details, please visit "Pregnant Customers".