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Booking via our Mobile app

Get ready to-

  • Stay up to date with our latest promotional offers
  • Search and book flights
  • Check-in
  • Save mobile boarding passes
  • Catch up on destination info
  • Save more and upgrade your holiday

Search, book, check-in and enjoy your holiday all from the convenience of your Apple or Android mobile device! Getting low-fares on the go has never been easier. Download now and stay up to date with our latest promotions, search and book flights, check-in, get destination information and more… straight from your mobile device!

Checking-in with our mobile app allows you to save your boarding pass direct to your device or passbook. If you do not have any check-in baggage, you can go straight to the gate with your mobile boarding pass and enjoy!

The best part is, when booking with the HK Express Mobile app, you can save even more money with app specific discounts!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download now!