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Extra Seat for More Comfort

Whether you would like to have extra comfort or enjoy more personal space, an extra seat might be able to cater to your needs!
HK Express introduces this Extra Seat service allowing Customers to book the adjacent seat next to your selected seat and enjoy extra Carry On Baggage allowance, suiting the needs of different Customers.

Double Your Comfort

With a vacant seat next to you, you can double your comfort

Airplane flight

Double Carry On Baggage Allowance*

Bring your last minute airport shopping goodies onboard
with the extra allowance

The booking of Extra Seat is for Customer’s own comfort only. The Extra Seat is not allowed to be used for transportation or storage of personal items or extra Carry On Baggage.

If your booking was made before 8 May, 2024, you can still enjoy the entitlements of your original fare category. Click here for details.

Fee Type Fee
Extra Seat Based on the real-time fare of the selected fare category and surcharges from your initial booking
Seat Selection No charge for an Extra Seat matching the original seat type
(Changing your seat selection after purchasing an Extra Seat will forfeit the original seats and incur a new charge)

Please contact Customer Connect to book your flight along with an Extra Seat


Other Regions
Contact Customer Connect here


*Subject to latest Carry On Baggage policy. Please refer to our Carry On Baggage page for more details.

  1. Can I book Extra Seat online or request at the airport?
    No, you must book your Extra Seat along with your flight via our Customer Connect Team.

  2. When do I need to make the booking with an Extra Seat?
    You might make your booking with an Extra Seat up to 3 hours prior to flight departure, upon seat availability.

  3. Will I be charged twice on U-First or U-Connect if I book the Extra Seat?
    U-First and U-Connect services are charged based on the individual Customer only. Therefore, there is no additional charge with Extra Seat booking.

  4. Can I choose different seat types for the Extra Seat?
    Same seat type must be applied for both original seat and Extra Seat. For example if you pick a Sweet Seat for as your selected seat, Sweet Seat must be picked as your Extra Seat as well. Please refer to our Seat Options page for more details.

  5. Can I pick any seat when booking Extra Seat?
    To make an Extra Seat booking, the seat adjacent to your selected one must be vacant and not booked by other Customers at the time of purchase.

  6. How many Extra Seats can I book?
    Each Customer can book one Extra Seat.

  7. Can I change my seat after booking Extra Seat?
    You may contact our Customer Connect Team to change your seat selection. If you wish to upgrade your seat, your original seats fee will be forfeited. Also, if you change your seat at airport counter, your original seat fees will be forfeited and you will need to pay for seats fees again.