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Seat Options

We provide three types of seating options for our guests to choose from. Choosing your own seat is optional, if you do not choose a seat, one will be chosen for you upon check-in. If you would like to guarantee a specific seat, we encourage you to do so however, a nominal fee will apply. If you would like to upgrade your seats after initial booking, the original seat fees will be forfeited. Refunds are not applicable to fee difference in the event of seat changes.

  1. Standard Seats
  2. Upfront Seats -  Any seat in rows 2-5 with added convenience.
  3. Sweet Seats - Include additional leg room.

A320 aircraft

Sweet Seats are located in row 1 as well as rows 12 and 13(Emergency Exit Row). Please note that row 11 and 12 do not recline, and row 30 has limited or no recline.

A320-neo aircraft

Sweet Seats are located in row 1 as well as rows 12 and 13. Please note that row 11, 31 and 32 do not recline.

A321 aircraft

Sweet Seats are located in row 1 as well as rows 11, 12AF and 26. Please note that row 10 and 25 do not recline.

For safety reasons, certain exit row requirements must be met before seat allocation in these rows are allowed. Our check-in staff will need to determine if guest meets the following requirements:

  • Willing to assist in the event of an emergency
  • At least 18 years of age or older
  • Be physically able to assess conditions and perform emergency functions
  • Able to understand and carry out instructions provided by crew
  • No visual, hearing, physical or intellectual impairments
  • Must possess the strength and dexterity to open, lift and throw exit door of 15kg
  • Not be seated with an infant or other person that requires assistance in an emergency.
  • Does not require the need for aseat belt extension

If for any reason a guest feels that they are unable to perform the functions listed above, they must contact a crew member for immediate reseating.


Booking via

Booking via
Seat Type HKD JPY
Initial Booking Standard Seats 50 700
Upfront Seats 100 1,400
Sweet Seats 180 2,500
Manage My Booking (After Initial Booking) Standard Seats 50 900
Upfront Seats 110 1,800
Sweet Seats 200 3,100

Booking via Call Center

Call Center Standard Seats 55 1,100
Upfront Seats 120 2,100
Sweet Seats 220 3,800

Airport / Inflight Purchase

Airport / Inflight Standard Seats 60 1,200
Upfront Seats 130 2,500
Sweet Seats 240 4,400