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HK Express Travel Insurance

(For Hong Kong-originating flights only)

Bringing you a Worry-free Travel with Enhanced Travel Insurance!

Embark on your journey with peace of mind by taking HK Express Travel Insurance. Say goodbye to travel worries and hello to unparalleled protection. From medical expenses to travel delay, AXA's enhanced insurance has you covered every step of the way. Unlock a worry-free travel experience like never before!

Medical Expenses (including COVID-19), up to HKD 500,000
Personal Effects, up to HKD 12,000
Trip Cancellation, up to HKD 25,000
Travel Delay, up to HKD 4,000
Personal Accident, up to HKD 500,000
Kids# travelling with parents for free coverage
Rental Car Excess, up to HKD 6,000

Why choose annual cover?

  • Set yourself free from the worry of arranging insurance at the last minute before departure
  • Unlimited trips covered over the course of a year, each trip may last up to 90 days
  • Experience the freedom of spontaneous trips and last-minute getaways with the assurance of comprehensive insurance coverage

Take Emma, for example. Emma loves travelling, from quick getaways in the Chinese Mainland to adventures across Asia to deep-dive journeys in another continents. Our annual cover is just right for Emma.

With one policy, Emma can enjoy unlimited trips without the hassle of arranging travel insurance every time within a year, knowing she’s covered every step of the way, including the possible loss of her mobile phone while visiting ShenZhen, Zhuhai, Macau and other places.

Let’s take a peek at Emma’s travel plan in a year:

Destination Travel Days
Japan - Osaka 4 nights/ 5 days
Australia for a friend’s wedding 2 weeks
Thailand - Bangkok 2 nights/ 3 days
Japan - Tokyo 5 nights/ 6 days
South Korea - Seoul 4 nights/ 5 days
England to visit cousin and side trip to Scotland 2 weeks
Spontaneous weekend trips to ShenZhen Countless!

Are you an avid traveler like Emma? Say goodbye to multiple single trip policies and say hello to seamless, worry-free travel experiences with our annual travel insurance!

Take Emma, for example. 

Emma has managed to secure a great deal on a flight, but unfortunately, 7 days before her departure, an earthquake occurs at her destination and she wants to cancel her trip for safety reasons.

If Emma were only to buy insurance at this moment, the earthquake would be considered a known event, and the coverage for trip cancellation due to the earthquake would no longer apply.

Fortunately, Emma already holds an in-force annual cover policy before her flight booking, and hence she would be able to claim for the losses incurred from canceling her trip due to the earthquake.


AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited, a leading global insurer, has partnered with HK Express to offer you comprehensive travel protection. You can now insure yourself with "HK Express Travel Insurance" via one of the channels below:

During Initial booking of your flight
Via  "Manage My Booking" or Online Check-in
Via Our partner AXA website

HK Express Travel Insurance (Applicable to policy purchased on or after 22 Feb 2024)

To contact AXA Customer Service, please refer to contact details below:

AXA Customer Service

Hotline: (852) 2894 4673
Operating Hours: 9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m. from Monday to Friday
(Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)

If the Insured Person is under the age of 18, the Policyholder is either the Insured Person’s parent or the Legal Guardian. The Policyholder information and consent shall be provided at the time of claims. For Insured Person aged under 12, he/she must be accompanied by the Insured Person aged 12 or above during the Journey.


HK Express Travel Insurance is underwritten by AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited (“AXA”). Hong Kong Express Airways Limited (LicenceNo.: FA2201) is registered in accordance with the Insurance Ordinance (Cap. 41 of the Laws of Hong Kong) as an insurance agent of AXA for distributing the product in the Hong Kong SAR.

Information on this webpage is for reference only, and not intended to be a complete description of the applicable terms and conditions. For details, please refer to Benefit Table and Policy Wording to understand the terms and conditions of all the benefits and exclusions.



If you have purchased HK Express Travel Insurance before 22 Feb 2024, please click here for details.