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Greener UO Campaign

According to the data the Environmental Protection Department published in 2021, the per capita disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is 1.53 kilograms per day. The environmental impact and inefficient use of valuable resources pose a significant challenge for waste management in Hong Kong. Everyday we found useful resources being frequently discarded due to improper recycling practices, further exacerbating the problem. Plastic bags and plastic bottles, which are inexpensive and widely used, serve as prime examples. With the lack of knowledge and incentives to recycle and sort recyclables, people often opt to send them to landfills instead. Effective management of urban solid waste remains an ongoing task that requires significant attention and effort.


Since June 2023, HK Express has partnered with a social enterprise, The Loops, to collect items that are not typically recycled in Hong Kong to promote a recycling culture and enhance employee awareness of waste management. These items include beauty products, unused or clean plastic utensils, bubble wrap and PVC stationery, etc. This initiative aims to reduce waste disposal in the workplace and enhance employees’ awareness, encouraging further sustainable actions in the workplace and establish sustainable living habits.