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HK Express Celebrates 10 Years in the Sky with Exciting Plans and Special Birthday deals starting from HK$10

Hong Kong, 27 Oct, 2023

Photo caption: HK Express CEO, Jeanette Mao with HK Express flight attendants and pilots at the 10th Birthday celebrations.

Today, HK Express Airways (‘HK Express’), Hong Kong's leading low-cost carrier, proudly commemorates its 10th anniversary by sharing ambitious future plans and launching special birthday deals for travellers.

Throughout the past decade, HK Express has stayed committed to delivering affordable flight options and enhancing travel accessibility across the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and Asia. The airline's growth can be attributed to competitive pricing and an extensive network spanning Asia, fuelling the HK Express' "Gotta Go" brand identity to enable customers to travel on their own terms. Benefitting from robust travel demand in Hong Kong, the GBA and the rest of Asia, HK Express has seen a strong growth trajectory. "As demand for leisure travel has seen a roaring return, our continuous investment and expansion in our footprint are testament to our confidence in Asia," said HK Express CEO Jeanette Mao. "Our flight frequencies have already exceeded the pre-Covid levels and are expected to reach 1.3 times that by the end of this year, with more than 600 flight sectors per week. We are very positive about the future of HK Express and our industry; and we welcome the Government’s Policy Address initiatives to further strengthen Hong Kong’s international aviation hub status. We are excited to play our part in this, contributing to Hong Kong’s full comeback on the global stage.”

This positivity is bolstered by the airline’s on-going expansion with the opening up of new popular destinations to its customers at affordable fares. Mao continued, “Starting from the first quarter next year, we are excited to announce our new route to Beijing Daxing International Airport, strengthening our presence in the Chinese Mainland. This further solidifies our commitment to connecting Hong Kong, the whole of the GBA, and the Chinese Mainland with the rest of Asia.”

To support its growth, the airline plans to recruit around 500 pilots and cabin crew next year, and expand its fleet to over 40 aircraft by 2025.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, HK Express is launching a mega flash sale, offering over 100,000 air tickets at prices starting from HK$10. The three-day flash sale will take place 28-30 October, featuring unbeatable deals to fifteen popular travel destinations across the airline’s network. This underscores HK Express’ steadfast commitment to making travel more accessible for its customers. HK Express is also proud to introduce a new inflight winter menu that highlights Hong Kong's unique flavours, demonstrating the airline's commitment to enhancing the customer experience while promoting local tastes. The new menu gives customers a wider array of choices and even more reasons to fly with HK Express. In tandem with its growth plan, HK Express is committed to fostering a sustainable future. The airline has partnered with CHOOOSE, a leading climate technology solutions provider trusted by many global airlines, to introduce a carbon offset programme. This initiative allows customers to actively participate in mitigating their carbon footprint and underscores HK Express' dedication to a greener aviation industry.

For more details about the birthday deal, the new Beijing Daxing route, and the inflight winter menu, please visit the HK Express website and follow HK Express on social media.