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HK Express Empowers Children in Need from RMHC Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 06 Dec, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, HK Express Airways (HK Express) has teamed up with the reputable non-profitable organisation RMHC Hong Kong (Ronald McDonald House Charities Hong Kong) to hold a meaningful Christmas sock DIY workshop for its sick children. Advocating for waste reduction, these Christmas socks were creatively upcycled from the fabrics of the airline’s retired cabin crew uniforms, promoting a more sustainable tomorrow and offering support to the community at the same time.

The workshop, held at RMHC Hong Kong’s new Kwun Tong House on 2 December 2023, was facilitated by Earthero Studio, a local curator and strategist focused on sustainability. The event combined innovation and education to inspire the children to decorate their Christmas socks using their creativity.

Eric Thain, HK Express Customer & Brand Director, said, “We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with RMHC Hong Kong, and it’s heartening to see how our commitments are being brought to life. Our engagement with the community is a cornerstone of our mission, and we look forward to deepening our partnership with RMHC Hong Kong.”

"Our collaboration with HK Express serves both purposes of supporting sick children and the environment, making the initiative significantly meaningful," said Iris Wong, Executive Director of RMHC Hong Kong. "We look forward to seeing more corporations sharing the same mission and vision as HK Express, ready to provide support and care for children in critical need and their families."

HK Express continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability while also providing local female tailors with employment opportunities and income. The task was completed by female tailors appointed by Earthero Studio, who contributed a total of 1,700 working hours. Eric continued, “Our partnership with Earthero Studio is a further step we have taken. Earlier this year, we led an upcycling project by transforming retired cabin crew uniforms into 100% upcycled teddy bears. With the upcycling uniform drive in the past and the forthcoming, we aim to achieve a total of upcycling 80% of our retired cabin crew uniform.”

Apart from offering in the workshop, the limited-edition Christmas socks will now be available for charity sales through RMHCHK’s website ( starting from 4 December 2023. All proceeds will be donated to support RMHC Hong Kong’s daily operations.

Eric Thain, HK Express Customer & Brand Director (position) and the team visited the new RMHC (Kwun Tong House) Jockey Club Building on 2 December 2023, bringing love and gifts to the little heroes.

Facilitated by Earthero Studio, HK Express hosted a DIY workshop enabling the children to decorate their own Christmas socks. Those socks were upcycled from the fabrics of the airline’s retired cabin crew uniforms.

The Christmas socks are packed with #INVISIBLEBAG, a landfill-biodegradable plastic bag alternative. Simply dissolve the bag in boiling water, and watch it disappear. The bag is a non-toxic greener packing solution, free of conventional plastic.