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HK Express Introduces HKD59* Passenger Fuel Surcharge

Hong Kong, 31 Oct, 2018

Taking effect on 1 December 2018, HK Express will introduce a fuel surcharge of HKD59* per passenger on purchasing all outbound tickets departing from Hong Kong International Airport.

The fuel surcharge applies only to tickets purchased or changed from 1 December 2018. For all tickets purchased before 1 December 2018, with travel after this date, no fuel surcharge is applicable.

In an effort to promote transparency, HK Express will also include the passenger fuel surcharge in its pricing breakdown display on online direct ticket sales.

“We will review and adjust the fuel surcharge on a regular basis, subject to market conditions and fuel pricing fluctuations,” says Jonathan Hutt, HK Express Commercial Director. “We value transparency and fairness as part of our company ethos, and hope the update to our website booking site will ensure travellers make informed decisions when booking their next trip with HK Express.”

* Fuel surcharge in US or local currencies that is equivalent to HKD59 will apply to other points of origin, except Japan and Korea that are subject to the existing charging scheme.

Visit the airline’s official website for further details and terms & conditions.