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HK Express Makes Strides Towards a More Sustainable Travel Experience

Achieving Approximately 3,500 tonnes of CO2 Reduction in 2023 Via Greener Pilot Operations

Hong Kong, 23 Jan, 2024

HK Express Airways (HK Express) is dedicated to providing a more sustainable travel experience at affordable prices and is committed to reducing its environmental impact. In 2023, we made progress through two key sustainability initiatives - our ongoing Flight Efficiency Programme and the introduction of new aircraft fleets into our operations. These measures and fleet modifications have meaningfully reduced our carbon footprint and demonstrate HK Express’s commitment to responsible environmental management. 

The Flight Efficiency Programme focuses on optimising fuel efficiency through three key initiatives while maintaining the highest safety standards: reduced flaps landings, reverse idle landings, and single-engine taxiing upon arrival. These initiatives are supported by extensive pilot training and clear protocols developed in accordance with international best practices. Through the Programme, HK Express achieved a remarkable reduction of approximately 3,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2023, equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by approximately 160,000* of mature trees in a single year.  

The introduction of new aircraft, the A321neo, has also played a significant role in reducing HK Express’ carbon footprint. Equipped with fuel-saving technologies enabling up to 20% lower fuel consumption per seat, our fleet of A321neos now consists of 4 new planes, bringing our average fleet age to around 7 years. We have plans to increase our A321neo fleet to 16 aircraft in the coming years, which will enhance efficiency gains as we strive to reduce our carbon footprint. 

HK Express’ dedicated efforts align with the proactive steps being taken by customers. In partnership with CHOOOSE, a leading provider of climate technology solutions, HK Express has launched the Customer Carbon Offset Programme, which allows customers to address their carbon footprint by supporting certified climate projects that work towards reducing or removing greenhouse gas emissions. Since the launch of this programme approximately four months ago, 1,570 tonnes of CO2 emissions** have been offset thanks to our eco-conscious customers. For more details, please visit:     

*Referring to Arbor Day Foundation, the world’s largest member nonprofit dedicated to planting trees. ** As of 17 January 2024