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HK Express offers brand-new in-flight summer menu

Savour authentic Hong Kong-style staple food and local delights

Hong Kong, 25 Mar, 2024

HK Express offers brand-new in-flight summer menu

To provide a top-notch and novel flight experience for travelers who “Gotta Go”, HK Express offers a brand-new in-flight menu every six months, allowing our customers’ taste buds to soar through the clouds. In our summer menu, HK Express partnered up with local brand Ging Sun Ho, and will serve their acclaimed soup bursting pan-fried pork bun and signature pork chop with veggie rice, a thousand feet above the ground. 

HK Express local snacks are a favourite among many customers. For instance, since last year’s launch, we have sold over 250,000 pieces of our flavourful and iconic street food, curry fish balls. This time, we brought on board its best partner – fish siu mai. To savour an authentic Hong Kong street-style feast up in the air, customers can either enjoy siu mai as an à la carte dish served with sweet soy sauce and chilli oil, or order the “HK Style Street Food Combo”, which also includes curry fish balls and lemon tea. 

“HK Express regularly collaborates with various Hong Kong restaurant brands, with the goal of bringing local food sky-high and showcasing Hong Kong’s diverse and unique culinary culture,” said HK Express Commercial Director Ong Keekeat. “In each collaboration, we and our partners delved into vigorous studies of different cooking methods, to serve high-quality Hong Kong delicacies to customers. Through food, we hope to connect Hong Kong with the rest of Asia,” Ong said.  

“I am very happy to become a partner of HK Express’ summer in-flight menu,” said Oscar Siu, founder and CEO of Ging Sun Ho. “After extensive research by our team, we finally made our debut in in-flight catering services, allowing more travelers to taste our soup bursting pan-fried pork bun and signature pork chop with veggie rice, up in the sky.” 

Currently, customers who made a first-time online flight booking are eligible to enjoy discounts of up to 33% off on in-flight exclusive delights. 

HK Express Summer Inflight Menu Highlight

Summer Inflight Menu 1&2
  1. "HK Express x Ging Sun Ho" Soup Bursting Pan-fried Pork Bun

Enjoy with caution, as the bun bursts with savoury broth and succulent meat at each bite. Topped with aromatic roasted black and white sesame, it presents a delightful blend of flavours and textures, creating a truly sensational in-flight dining experience. 

  1. "HK Express x Ging Sun Ho" Signature Pork Chop with Veggie Rice

The dish showcases a tender and juicy pork chop, expertly prepared. When paired with the signature vegetable rice, it forms a delectable combination that promises to leave an unforgettable impression on your palate. 

Summer Inflight Menu 3&4
  1. Pork & Century Egg Congee by Ocean Empire Congee

Indulge in the comforting warmth of Ocean Empire Congee's 30-year celebrated recipe — silky-smooth congee infused with the traditional flavours of century egg and pork. This satisfying dish is the perfect choice to soothe and delight your stomach! 

  1. Pumpkin, Corn, Quinoa & Pork Congee by Ocean Empire Congee

Sweet pumpkin, corn, and minced meat cooked to perfection. The porridge offers not only a rich texture but is also high in dietary fibre, making it a healthy choice. 

Summer Inflight Menu 5&6

Craving a taste of Hong Kong street food? Our combo features the beloved curry fish balls and fish siu mai, paired with perfectly-blended lemon tea, inviting you to savour an authentic HK street-style feast in one go! Why choose one when you can enjoy them both? 

  1. HK Style Curry Fish Balls
  2. HK Style Fish Siu Mai