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Baggage Fee

Each Customer, regardless of fare category purchased is allowed one Carry-on bag with a maximum weight of 7kg (15.4 lbs.), and one additional personal item (such as a handbag, camera or digital device). To save more, we highly recommend you to book in advance if you have check-in / oversized baggage.

For detailed baggage guides, you may refer to the following pages:

Here are the baggage fees charged on a Per-customer, per-flight basis. Additional baggage allowance can be added on or upgraded to existing bookings through the “Manage my booking portal” on our official website or mobile app. Customers are unable to remove or downgrade their baggage allowance after their initial purchase.

Checked Baggage

Booking via or on mobile app

Booking via or on mobile app
Weight HKD JPY
Initial Booking* 20kg 290 3,200
25kg 360 3,900
30kg 425 4,800
40kg 3 550 6,400

Manage My Booking 1 (After Initial Booking)

20kg 305 4,000
25kg 460 4,900
30kg 465 6,000
40kg 3 570 8,000

Booking via Call Center 2

Weight HKD JPY
Call Center 20kg 350 4,800
25kg 540 5,900
30kg 545 7,200
40kg 3 650 9,600

Booking via Airport

Airport Check-in Counter 20kg 390 5,600
25kg 590 6,800
30kg 600 8,400
40kg 3 795 11,200
Excess Baggage (Above Booked Allowance) Per KG 120 1,750 480 113 520 16 20,000


Sports Equipment/Oversized Baggage

Booking via

Per Piece (up to 20kg) HKD JPY
Initial Booking* 320 3,200
Via Manage My Booking portal 460 4,000

Booking via Call Center 2

Per Piece (up to 20kg) HKD JPY
Call Center 490 4,800

Booking via Airport

Per Piece (up to 20kg) HKD JPY
Airport 680 5,600
Excess Baggage
Per KG
120 1,750
  1. This applies to Customers who have not purchased any checked baggage during initial booking. go back up (↑)
  2. Baggage cannot be booked via the Contact Centre within 3 hours of departure. (↑ go back up 2,1), (↑ go back up 2,2)
  3. No single bag may weight more than 32kg. Currencies other than HKD and JPY will be converted by exchange rate, please approach ground staff for more information. (↑ go back up 3,1), (↑ go back up 3,2), (↑ go back up 3,3), (↑ go back up 3,4)
*Prices shown here are base rates, applicable discounts are not included