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Guide to Explore Nagoya's Autumn beauty

5 Feb 2024

Explore Autumn in Nagoya: A Maple Viewing Adventure

Planning a fall getaway in Japan? Nagoya is your go-to destination! From the mesmerizing maple leaves at Tokugawa Garden and Nagoya Castle to the world's largest outdoor dolphin shows and the enchanting Ghibli Park for Hayao Miyazaki fans, Nagoya offers an unforgettable autumn sightseeing experience.

5 Things to see in Nagoya

Must-See Maple Spot - Tokugawa Garden

Immerse yourself in the autumn beauty of Tokugawa Garden, a quintessential Japanese garden, and a former residence of the Owari Tokugawa family. Witness the picturesque autumn leaves in a setting straight out of a movie. The best time to visit is late November when the Maple Festival might just be in full swing.

Price: Around 300 JPY
Peak Viewing: Late November to Early December
Transport: 15-minute walk from “Ozone” station on the Meijo Subway Line
Address: 1001 Tokugawa-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

Autumn at Nagoya Castle

Experience the unique beauty of Nagoya Castle in autumn, with its grounds covered in ginkgo and autumn leaves. A stroll here offers a blend of breathtaking autumn scenery and rich Japanese history. Don't miss the luxurious Honmaru Palace with its stunning artwork and ornaments.

Address: Nagoya Castle, Aichi Prefecture
Price: About 500 JPY per person
Transport: About 500 meters from Shiyakusho Station on the Meijo Line

Family-friendly attraction - Nagoya Port Aquarium

Dive into the underwater magic at one of the world's largest outdoor aquariums. Marvel at the belugas and orcas, the "Sardine Tornado" in the Kuroshio Tank, and an expansive jellyfish space. The dolphin shows at the largest pool stage are a spectacular sight!

Address: 1-3 Minato-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya
Price: About 2000 JPY per person
Transport: About 600m from Nagoya Port Station on the Nagoya Subway

For LEGO Enthusiasts - LEGOLAND Nagoya

Enter the imaginative world of LEGO at LEGOLAND Nagoya. With seven themed areas and over 40 interactive rides and shows, it's a fun-filled destination for all ages. Highlights include the Pirate Ship, Dragon Roller Coaster, and Submarine Adventure!

Transport: Take the Aonami Line from Nagoya Station to “Kinjofuto Station”

Into the World of Ghibli - Hayao Miyazaki's Ghibli Park

Live out your fantasy in the realms of Hayao Miyazaki at Ghibli Park. Wander through iconic scenes from "My Neighbour Totoro", "Spirited Away," and more. Explore the Hill of Youth, Ghibli’s Large Warehouse, and Dondoko Forest which are open to the public for a truly magical experience.

Address: Inside Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park, Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture
Transport: Shinkansen from Tokyo Station or Shin-Osaka Station to Nagoya Station