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Explore Japan's cat Island : Kirishima & Ogijima

 10 JAN 2024

Explore Japan's Cat Island: Discover Takamatsu and Kagoshima

Escape the city buzz with a day trip to Ogijima and Kirishima, the well-known Japan’s cat islands for seaside relaxation and playful cats, or unwind in Kagoshima, blessing your feline friends at a cat shrine. Ogijima Island teeming with adorable cats, promises charming feline companions on every path. Along with these delightful cats, uncover numerous picturesque spots perfect for your social media!

Takamatsu - Ogijima

Known as Cat Island, Ogijima is a paradise for cat enthusiasts. Visit 'The Home of Sunset and Cats,' a sanctuary filled with essentials like food, water, and warm bedding for cats. The owner has lovingly documented the island's stray cats, creating a unique space with an array of cat-themed items and treats for you to feed your feline friends!

Transportation: Start from Takamatsu Airport, board a bus to Takamatsu JR Station, then head to the nearby Takamatsu Port. A 40-minute ferry ride from there takes you straight to Ogijima. The island's compact size makes it easy to explore entirely on foot.

One-way Ferry Ticket Cost: 510 Yen

Address: Ogicho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, 760-0091 Japan

Ogijima Island offers more than just cats; it's filled with artistic landmarks, like the 'Soul of Ogijima.' This striking white structure by Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa, located at the port, features a unique roof with greetings in various languages – perfect for photos.

Discover Land Murals as you wander the island's paths. These unique artworks, painted on repurposed fishing boat planks, add a distinctive touch to building facades.

Don't miss Dream Cafe, a favourite for its burgers and stunning views of Naoshima. Their 'Meon Burger' is a must-try, and the 'Bride's Bridal Ice Cream' is a delightful treat. With its art-filled decor, the cafe is an ideal spot for memorable snapshots.

Address: 1892 Ogichō, Takamatsu, Kagawa 760-0091, Japan


The Ogijima Library is a non-profit library housed in a renovated old private house on the island, and its collection of books has been donated by people from both on and off the island. The ground floor serves as the main area for books and reading, while the second-floor features tatami mats and an exhibition space, offering a splendid, unobstructed view of the sea. Just a reminder, although borrowing books is free, you'll need to apply for a membership card initially, which costs 100 yen.

Address: 148-1, Ongi-cho, Takamatsu

Business Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Near the "Hoe and Book" hostel and the cafe, Ogijima Yukuru offers accommodation-only service. Housed in a traditional Taisho-era home, the cafe space and guest rooms encircle a central courtyard, allowing plenty of natural light to flood in. For further information, please visit their official website:

Address: 142 Ongi-cho, Takamatsu City

Accommodation Price: 55,000 yen per night for up to 6 people


Explore Takamatsu

Kagoshima - Kirishima

In your Kagoshima itinerary, be sure to include Kirishima! Kirishima is also home to a community of friendly felines. These cats are unafraid of humans and often casually present their bellies, inviting people to pet them. Many tourists often spot cats in various poses along the seaside.

Address: Located in the north-eastern part of Kagoshima, bordering Miyazaki Prefecture.

Transportation: You can reach Kirishima from Kagoshima Central Station by taking a local train in 1 hour or a limited express train in just 50 minutes.

Fellow cat enthusiasts, a visit to Kagoshima is not complete without exploring the Cat Shrine. Here, you can offer prayers for the well-being of your beloved feline friends at home. Legend has it that Shimazu Yoshihiro, a renowned cat lover from the Warring States period, once travelled to Korea with seven cats. He ingeniously used the dilation of the cats' pupils to gauge the time, and in honour of these cherished feline companions, he established the Cat Shrine. The shrine is adorned with various cat-themed elements, and you can take home some amulets as souvenirs for friends and family

Address: Yoshino-cho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Transportation: 20-30 minute taxi ride from Kagoshima Station


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