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The 5 Best Things To Do in Kagoshima

5 Feb 2024

The 5 Best Things To Do in Kagoshima

Kagoshima, a rising star among tourists' destinations, is renowned for its lively dining scene, rich cultural attractions, and stunning landscapes featuring seascapes and volcanoes. It's no wonder this gem in Japan's southwest is so captivating.

Shop and Explore - Tenmonkan Shopping Street

Dive into the heart of Kagoshima's culture at Tenmonkan. This iconic street is a blend of modern and tradition, featuring the main shopping district, Dolphin Port Arcade, and unique local boutiques. With museums, shrines, temples, and churches just a stroll away, it's the perfect spot for cultural enthusiasts. Indulge in local cuisine, discover artisan crafts, and sample exquisite wines for a full cultural immersion.

Address: 892-0842 Kagoshima City, Higashi-Sengokucho

What To Eat in Kagoshima

A Taste of Kagoshima - Traditional Shaved Ice

When in Tenmonkan, treat yourself to Kagoshima's traditional shaved ice! Generously topped with milk and condensed milk and garnished with a variety of toppings like raisins and fruits, it's the ultimate cooler. Catch the limited-edition polar bear shaved ice during special celebrations! Pro tip: Portions are generous, ideal for two.

Address: 5-8 Sen-Nichi-cho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Price: Around 58 yen per person

Kagoshima's Culinary Specialty - Black Pork Cuisine

Step beyond shaved ice and savour Kagoshima's famous black pork. Located near Tenmonkan, the renowned Ajimori restaurant offers mouth-watering black pork hot pot and a variety of black pork delicacies. Don’t miss their succulent sashimi and juicy pork patties, a hit among foodies.

Restaurant Name: Ajimori

Address: 11-6 Higashi-Senganishi-cho, Kagoshima City

Price: Around 200 yen per person

Adventure Awaits - Climb Sakurajima, the Active Volcano

Embrace the thrill of climbing Sakurajima, an active volcano! Just a short tram ride from Kagoshima Central Station to the ferry terminal leads you to the Sakurajima Ferry. Operating 24/7, the ferry provides a gateway to adventure every 15-20 minutes. Explore the smoking volcano and unwind at Lava Park's free hot spring footbath. Clear days offer a chance to trek the rocky trails and discover unique volcanic rocks.

Price: Ferry ticket 200 yen

Unique Wellness Experience - Ibusuki Hot Steam Sand Baths

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Ibusuki, located on the Satsuma Peninsula. Experience the world’s only natural sand bath hot springs at Ibusuki Saraku Sand Bath Hall. Get buried in warm sands for a complete stress-relieving experience - a Kagoshima specialty that boosts blood circulation and well-being that nobody should miss.

Address: 5-25-18 Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Price: About 1300 yen (includes head towel and yukata)


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