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Guide to Korea's Water Bomb Music Festival

5 Feb 2024

Summer Special: The Ultimate Guide to Korea's Water Bomb Music Festival


Attention Korean culture enthusiasts! Korea offers more than just a chance to see your favourite idols up close. Summer in Korea means getting ready for the ultimate summer blast at the Water Bomb Music Festival! Imagine the thrill of water gun battles blended seamlessly with electrifying music performances! Dive into the Korean summer fun with our all-in-one guide. Everything you need to know about attending the festival is right here. Let's make this summer unforgettable!

Every show at the Water Bomb Music Festival features a unique lineup of guests, you will be thrilled by appearances from a host of popular idols and artists. To catch if your favourite idols are making an appearance, stay tuned to the latest updates online! 

Water Bomb Music Festival Tickets

Buy Tickets: Tickets can be purchased through Interpark, Naver, or We make Price.

Price: Ticket prices vary between 500 to 600 dollars. For detailed pricing, please refer to the official website.

Interpark Guide: To purchase on Interpark, first register an email account — log in and click 'Buy Tickets' — fill in the required information — select "Foreign Card" and complete the payment using a credit card.

Official Site:


Planning your journey to the Water Bomb festival venue? We've got you covered with a handy travel guide. On a self-guided tour in Busan? Spice it up with a spontaneous one-day trip in Busan or Daegu before you catch up with your idols! And if you're setting out from Daejeon Station, we've got all the essential info you need. Don't forget to bookmark this article for easy reference!


Transportation in Busan - Taxi

Efficient and quick, taxis save time but be mindful to avoid peak hours.

Estimated Duration: 30-40 minutes.

Fly directly to Busan with HK Express and land at Gimhae International Airport. After disembarking, proceed directly to the specified address to easily reach the event site. (For added convenience, consider booking a hotel nearby!)

Transportation in Busan - Subway

Economical and avoids traffic jams, a low-carbon travel option.

Duration: 1.5-2h

Fly directly to Busan with HK Express and land at Gimhae International Airport. Follow the map directions to the G Busan-Gimhae Light Rail 'Airport Station'. Take the light rail towards Gaye University and alight at 'Dajuzhan' (다주잔). Transfer to Line 3 head towards Suyeong, and get off at 'Jutizhan' (쥐디잔). Then transfer to the K Donghae Line towards Ilgok, and get off at 'Osillia Station' (오실리아 역). Your destination is approximately 100 meters away on foot.

Apart from Busan, you can also consider attending the Water Bomb events at Daejeon and Daegu stations. Purchase our direct flights to Seoul, and from Seoul Station, take the KTX — you'll reach the venue in about an hour!

KTX Purchase Method: Visit the official website at, select your departure location, destination, and time, choose your train number and seating class, and then proceed with the purchase.


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