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Eating in Bangkok: Your Ultimate Street Food Guide

 31 JAN 2024

Eating in Bangkok : Your Ultimate Bangkok Street Food Guide

Feeling like you've seen all the usual tourist spots in Bangkok? Let's jazz things up and get on a food adventure in the lesser-known districts. Follow our guide for 6 must-visit Bangkok food stalls near Chulalongkorn University's street food area. Get ready to savour Bangkok's authentic flavours, all wallet-friendly and just a short walk away – no waiting in lines!


Address: 1604 Rong Muang 5 Alley

Take the MRT to National Stadium station, exit from Exit 2, and take a 12-minute walk. Alternatively, alight at Hua Lamphong station and enjoy a 10-minute walk.

Eat Like Blackpink at Jae Wan

Blackpink fans, are you ready for Lisa's favourite treat? Head over to this local Thai restaurant in Bangkok for the Volcanic Herbal Jelly Fresh Milk - Soy milk shaved ice blended with herbal jelly, all under a generous sprinkle of chocolate powder. A treat that is a pure bliss for your sweet cravings! Don't miss out on other popular delights like the tofu pudding and crunchy pink crispy pearls, with your choice of toppings. Just a tip: the queue starts forming around 7 or 8 PM, so swing by early to beat the queue!

Address: 1700 ถนน บรรทัดทอง แขวงวังใหม่ เขตปทุมวัน กรุงเทพม 10330

Per person spending: $12/bowl

Business Hours: 15:00-22:30

Recommended by Locals – Aey Seafood

Craving seafood in Bangkok's restaurant? Join the locals at this beloved Thai seafood spot, a true must-visit in the city. Dive into their fresh delights like the raw shrimp salad, charcoal-grilled giant river prawn, and mouth-watering crab meat fried rice. Don't miss their local favourites - stir-fried water spinach and ferns! And imagine, a giant river prawn as big as your palm for just 50 Hong Kong dollars! Every bite is a burst of flavour that'll have you saying 'Wow' with every mouthful!

Address: 1664 ถนน บรรทัดทอง Rong Muang, Pathum Wan, Bangkok

Business Hours: 11:00-22:00

Paradise for Bread Lovers – Pungdet

Bread lovers, welcome to your paradise! Discover an array of Thai-style toasted bread, each with its own unique flavour. Freshly grilled to perfection, each bread is butter-coated for that irresistible crispy, aromatic touch. Every bite is packed with so much filling, it's like a flavour explosion in your mouth!

Address: 1604 ถนน บรรทัดทอง Rong Muang

Business Hours: 16:00-22:00

Special Thai Styled Hotpot – jimjoom99

Ever tasted the local favourite - clay pot Thai hotpot at Bangkok's night market? The best part about this street food stall is the ample seating – say goodbye to long lines! Dive into their spice-rich, aromatic, and utterly appetizing hotpot broth. Pair it with the super tender grilled pork neck for a true taste sensation! And if you travel with a group, don't miss out on the delicious, stir-fried dishes and cold salads to fully savour the authentic flavours of Bangkok!

Address: 1590 ถนน บรรทัดทอง Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

Aromatic Crab Meat Rice - Chula 50 Kitchen

Who can resist a crab meat feast? Don't miss out on the signature dish of the street food stall - curry scrambled egg with crab meat rice! Renowned for its rich, flavourful crab roe that's free from any fishy taste, this dish is a crowd-pleaser. The sweet, fresh crab meat perfectly blends with creamy, aromatic curry scrambled eggs, creating a flavour so irresistible, you'll want to keep coming back for more! Pro tip: Beat the rush by visiting before lunchtime!

Address: 262 ซ. จุฬาลงกรณ์ 50 Wang Mai

Business Hours:  8:00-19:00 (Closed on Sunday)

Michelin Recommended - Jeh o chula

Experience the buzz at Jeh o chula from the crowd outside - a Michelin-recommended gem in Bangkok that's not to be missed! As one of the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok, locals rave about the signature seafood noodles and raw marinated salmon. Have a taste of the tom yum flavoured seafood noodles, bursting with fresh, aromatic goodness. The tangy, spicy tom yum soup, loaded with succulent crab legs, is a must-try, especially at just 50 baht per bowl! Don't forget to try their spicy stir-fried shrimp - a real palate pleaser. Pro tip: be there early, as it gets super lively at late night, and it might take a two-hour wait for a seat!

Address: Next to Chulalongkorn University

Business Hours: 16:30-00:00