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Dear Pilots, you will operate short-haul and regional flights to our destinations across Asia. At HK Express, our priority is bringing a reliable and pleasant journey to our passengers by maintaining the highest safety standards and focusing on best-in-class on time performance.

What do our Pilots say about us?

The move to Hong Kong has been an amazing experience for me and my family.

"I was a Turboprop Captain and left my home country to become a jet pilot at HK Express. The training was intense with high professional standards and my hard work was rewarded with a line position as First Officer. The atmosphere onboard is fantastic, and I enjoy having a schedule that gets me back to my family most days."

Jason Kinna
First Officer

HK Express showcases collaborative culture and diversity.

"It has been great since the moment I joined HK Express as First Officer in 2019. At HK Express, we have a diversified culture in which everyone treats you like a family member and is ready to help you any time. The team is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I’m always encouraged to progress my career with words of kindness and recognition from co-workers and superiors. I appreciate the opportunities provided by HK Express and I’m very thankful to be part of this family."

Winnie Chan
First Officer

Passengers’ safety and inflight experience are our top priorities.

"We always work as a team to ensure the flight is safe. The crew I worked with is the main reason I enjoy working at HK Express. They are aviation enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds and experiences to widen my vision. I hope to become a captain one day and will try my best to eventually advance to a trainer, so I can share my knowledge and experience with the next generation of pilots. With more destinations in our network, the potential to further progress our flying career is phenomenal."

John Ng
First Officer

Flying for HK Express has given me valuable experiences.

"HK Express provides a wonderful opportunity for furthering my professional development, whilst benefitting from a top training environment. It is a highly professional and supportive company, within a culturally diverse atmosphere. It is truly international with an extensive network to some of Asia’s best destinations. I got to meet amazing people from different backgrounds and the team here is the foundation of HK Express."

Robert Silver
First Officer

We are teams of young, diligent and proactive professionals, with a culture of being open, honest and transparent.

"I joined HK Express as First Officer in 2019. As an LCC, we are required to maintain a very high standard of efficiency whilst bringing passengers safely to their destinations. At HK Express, there are ample opportunities for employees of all levels to exchange ideas and progress. The amazing culture and teamwork are the reasons why HK Express can become the most competitive airline in the region."

Henry Yip
First Officer


Medical Insurance

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(UO, CX and interline)

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