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FAQ (Baggage)

Can I add Cabin Baggage after my initial booking?

Cabin Baggage allowance only applies to "Lite" and "Max" fare categories during the initial booking and is not available for purchase afterwards. If you need to bring additional baggage, please purchase the Checked Baggage allowance. Please note that Checked Baggage is not allowed to be brought into the cabin and must be checked in at the airport counter. You can purchase Checked Baggage allowance through “Manage My Booking”. For more baggage information, please refer to

Can I bring my musical instruments onboard?

You may bring musical instruments onboard provided they meet our standard cabin baggage size and weight limitations.

All musical instruments must be stored in a sturdy, hard-side case with round edges. Soft cases will not be accepted. The maximum linear size (H x W x D) accepted in the cabin is 22 x 14 x 9 inches and must not weigh more than 7kg. The instrument will be considered as part of your cabin baggage allowance.

How can I add Checked Baggage for my existing bookings online?

Each passenger may purchase up to two pieces of Checked Baggage for their booking. For the best savings, select the relevant fare category during your initial booking! You can also choose to purchase additional baggage separately according to your needs during the initial booking, through Manage My Booking, or during online check-in if your booking was made through the HK Express website or app. Please ensure to add them at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. You can check the baggage fees by clicking fees here.

How do I know if my baggage is oversized/overweight?

Any checked baggage that exceeds 158cm/62” (L+W+H) is considered special baggage, an additional transportation and excess baggage fee may apply. We cannot accept any single item that weighs more than 32kg . All Special Baggage is charged on a per-piece basis and maximum total dimension must not exceeds 277cm/109” (L+W+H). Please note, each Customer can only purchase one oversized baggage allowance (20kg) when making a booking online. Additional oversized baggage allowance can be purchased during check-in at our airport counters. For more information about oversized/overweight baggage, please visit here.

How do I handle damaged or lost baggage?

For damaged or lost baggage, kindly find below information for assistance:

HK Express Baggage Services
Telephone (For baggage enquiries): +852 21802120 / 21802122
Fax: +852 21866707
Email address:
Office Hours: Mon – Sun / 0700 – 2300

Lost and Found Office
Hong Kong Airport Ground Services Ltd
Room 5N024
Passenger Terminal Building 1
Hong Kong International Airport

If you have any baggage loss/damage enquiries upon arriving at the destination airport, please contact the applicable local baggage service office here for further assistance.

What is the maximum dimension of checked baggage?

Checked baggage must not exceed 158cm/62" (Length + Width + Height).

You may find information on checked baggage via here.

Is there any baggage transfer service available if I have a connecting flight with another airline?

HK Express does not have baggage transfer services and we are not affiliated with any airline agreement. You need to retrieve your baggage from HK Express, and check-in your baggage for your next flight manually.

For connecting flight within HK Express, baggage will be loaded to the connecting flight automatically.

What sports equipments can I check-in?

Sports equipment including golf equipments, skis, snowboards, surfboards and fishing rods are accepted and will be considered as special baggage.

The below items are also accepted but subject to the following additional restrictions:

  • Bicycle – must not be motorised and tires must be deflated
  • Diving equipment – gas cylinder must be emptied

Any other sports equipment (not stated above) that within normal baggage’s size/weight limitation is accepted as normal baggage.

Sports equipments should be encased in a protective box or bag to protect from any damage/impact that may occur during delivery and flight handling. All sports equipments can only be checked in at airport counters. For more information, please visit "Special Baggage"

How many bags can I check-in and can I share or transfer my baggage allowance to another passenger?

Starting from 8 May 2024, all Checked Baggage are charged per piece. Baggage allowances cannot be shared or transferred to another passenger. Each passenger can purchase up to 2 pieces of checked baggage during initial booking, Manage My Booking and online check-In. For extra checked baggage purchase, please proceed to Airport Check-In Counter directly for assistance, subject to additional fees. If the booking was made before 8 May 2024, you can still enjoy the entitlements of the original booking.

What is the policy for carrying duty free items onboard?

Duty free purchase limits vary from country to country, it is the Customer's responsibility to adhere to these limits. For duty free allowance guideline please see here

What are the restrictions on carrying medications/drugs onboard HK Express flights?

Generally, passengers are permitted to carry injectable medications and associated supplies (including needles, syringes, and auto-injectors) for the treatment and control of their medical conditions onboard. You are recommended to read through "Injectable Medication and Needles" under Medical Assistance.

Can I bring unpackaged oil, hair and styling spray onboard HK Express flights?

Many countries have strict policies on entry of liquids, sprays and gels into the cabin. These restrictions include:

  1. Liquids, gels and sprays must be stored in containers with a volume of not more than 100 ml
  2. These containers must be placed in a sealed plastic bag which can be re-sealed, the plastic bag volume shall not exceed 1 liter
  3. Sealed bag and other baggae must be separated for security personnel to check

Can I bring my hoverboard or other lithium battery powered vehicles onboard my flight?

For the safety of our Customers we do not allow lithium powered battery vehicles onboard. Battery powered wheelchairs and mobility aids however are exempted from this restriction. All electronic devices, if stored in checked baggage, must be completely shut down and properly placed before shipment to prevent any accident.

You are advised to read through the requirements of our Lithium Ion Batteries Policy.

If you have any questions, please contact our airport ground staff.

Can I bring baby stroller or car seat onboard?

Yes. If you are travelling with an infant aged 2 or below, baby carriages and baby car seats can be checked for free and will not count towards baggage allowance. Foldable strollers are allowed to be carried onboard our aircraft as long as they meet the requirements of our carry on baggage policy. Please refer to this link for further information about bringing stroller and car seat.

However, if your child is above 2 years old, baby stroller and car seats will count towards checked baggage.