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4 Spots To See The Best Cherry Blossoms in Korea

 31 JAN 2024

Korea Travel Special: Your Guide to Cherry Blossom Viewing in Busan and Jeju

Spring in Korea is dressed in pink! From late March to April, the cherry blossoms take centre stage. Apart from Seoul, Jeju and Busan also become cherry blossom heaven. If you want to find out more about the best cherry blossoms in Korea, our guide leads you straight into Korea's magical 'sea of pink flowers'.

Jeju - Jeonnong-ro

In Jeju, cherry blossoms make their early appearance at the end of March, peaking from March 25th to 31st. Jeonnong-ro is where the magic happens – a 1.2km stretch with cherry trees aged 20 to 100 years, painting a dreamy pink canopy. It's also home to the annual Jeji Cherry Blossom Festival. As your stroll down the picture-perfect Cherry Blossom Road, every snapshot you take is guaranteed to be a stunner.


Jeju - Sinsan Park

Looking for endless cherry blossoms? Sinsan Park is the perfect spot for that. Built to celebrate the Olympics, this park isn't just a paradise for photographers but also a lovely picnic spot. Imagine relaxing under cherry blossom trees and savouring local treats - it's pure bliss!

Address:제주특별자치도 제주시 일도이동 885

Busan - Jinhae Jungwon Station

Busan’s cherry blossom season typically runs from early to mid-March. Jinhae Jungwon Station is a must-visit for its picturesque blooms. As the red and blue trains glide through the sea of pink blossoms, they create a scene of romance. Here, every picture you snap is like a frame taken straight out of a beautiful comic book.


Busan - Samrak Ecological Park

Voted as one of "Korea's 100 Most Beautiful Roads," Samrak Ecological Park is a cherry blossom lover's dream. Imagine a road framed by 1,200 cherry blossom trees - every angle is a picture-perfect moment! Plus, with its sports and relaxation areas, it's the best spot to unwind and soak in the floral splendour.

Address:부산광역시 사상구 낙동대로 1231

Photo tip: If you want to highlight those beautiful Korean cherry blossoms in your photos, opt for light-coloured outfits and find the fuller, denser trees as your backdrop. And for that stunning visual impact, try to shoot from a low, upward angle.