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Da Nang's Hidden Gems: Exquisite Beaches and Idyllic Islands

8 Feb 2024

Da Nang's Hidden Gems: Exquisite Beaches and Idyllic Islands

Venture beyond the beaten path of Vietnam spots with us! We’ve got a fresh list of destinations and experiences that are sure to inspire wanderlust. Keep our travel guide handy as you set out to explore the unique landscapes Vietnam has to offer!

Most Scenic train ride in Da Nang - Hai Van Pass

Discover the road less travelled at Hai Van Pass! Connecting Da Nang to Hue, this mesmerizing mountain route is famed as one of Vietnam's most scenic train rides. The journey takes you right along the cliff edge, offering expansive views of the azure ocean on one side and lush mountain slopes on the other, encapsulating the grandeur of land and sea of the island.

Best Beach in Da Nang - My Khe Beach

Beyond the culinary delights and bustling markets of Da Nang lies My Khe Beach, hailed by UNESCO as one of the world's six most stunning beaches. Imagine admiring My Khe from the sky! Daredevils can embrace the thrill of paragliding, guided by seasoned pilots, as you swoop down from the cliffs, embracing the panoramic seascape and the warmth of the sun – an unforgettable highlight of your travels.