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Important Travel Notice


Important flight information for guests travelling to/from Hualien

Posted on 9 Feb 2018

The safety of our Guests and our crew are top priority. Due to earthquake in Hualien, some flights to Hualien are being affected. Details of the upcoming flights can be found below.

Flight No. From To Original Date Original Departure New Date New Departure New Arrival Status
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 9-Feb 16:20 10-Feb 05:25 07:15 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 10-Feb 09:55 11-Feb 06:25 08:15 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 11-Feb 14:50 12-Feb 06:45 08:35 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 12-Feb 15:45 13-Feb 06:10 08:05 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 13-Feb 11:55 14-Feb 06:45 08:35 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 14-Feb 18:05 15-Feb 06:30 08:20 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 15-Feb 07:50 16-Feb 05:30 07:20 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 16-Feb 16:20 17-Feb 05:15 07:05 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 17-Feb 09:55 18-Feb 06:10 08:00 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 18-Feb 14:50 19-Feb 06:25 08:15 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 19-Feb 15:45 20-Feb 06:05 07:55 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 20-Feb 11:55 21-Feb 06:45 08:35 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 21-Feb 18:05 22-Feb 06:30 08:20 Delayed
UO3052 Hong Kong Hualien 22-Feb 07:50 23-Feb 05:30 07:20 Delayed

For Guests affected by earthquake in Hualien, the following options are available:

Date/time change to the same destination within 14 days Change of destination within 14 days
No Change Fee applies No Change fee applies
No Fare difference applies Fare difference applies

** Revised (new) travel dates are subject to flight availability.

HK Express will be informing all affected Guests regarding delayed flights in detail via email and SMS. For further enquiries, affectd Guests are requested to contact our call centre at (852) 3902 0288 OR email our guest relations team at


Important travel notice for Chinese New Year 

Posted on 6 Feb 2018

Due to the peak travel season for Chinese New Year and the winter Olympics in Korea, all guests travelling between now and 21 Feb are advised to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure. We also urge guests to utilize our web/mobile check in function to save time and alleviate congestion during this busy period. 


Important flight information for guests travelling to Kagoshima and Ishigaki

Posted on 27 Dec 2017

For guests travelling to Kagoshima and Ishigaki from 2 Jan – 24 Mar on the flights listed below, please note the following time changes. In some cases, the new departure time may be earlier than scheduled. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

Flight Eff DOW From To Original Departure time New departure time New arrival time Status
1850 2 Jan - 24 Mar Tues HKG KOJ 630 550 945 Time change to earlier by 40 mins
1851 2 Jan - 24 Mar Tues KOJ HKG 1110 1030 1310 Time change to earlier by 40 mins


2 Jan - 24 Mar Tues ISG HKG 1130 1200 1400 Time Change



Travel advisory regarding carriage of Smart Baggage

Posted on 22 Dec 2017

The Safety of our Guests and Crew are our top priority. As such, beginning January 1st, 2018 smart baggage with lithium battery power banks that cannot be removed will be banned from Check In and cabin baggage on all HK Express flights.

All lithium battery power banks in smart baggage will only be allowed for carriage if the battery can be removed and meet the requirements of our lithium ion baggage policy. For more information about this policy please refer to the above. The battery removal must be demonstrated to our ground staff, however may remain installed as long as all functions of the smart baggage are switched off for the entirety of the flight.

For any smart baggage which needs to be checked in at the gate, the batteries must be removed, placed in a plastic bag and carried on board in the cabin.

What is Smart Baggage?

According to the International Air Transport Administration, a smart baggage is defined as an Innovative baggage with integrated lithium batteries.

Examples of Smart baggage include features such as;

•Lithium ion battery and motor allowing it to be used as a personal transportation device, either as a stand-up scooter, or sit on vehicle. These devices do not meet the criteria of a mobility device.

•Lithium ion battery power bank that allows charging of other electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

•GPS tracking devices with or without GSM capability.

•Bluetooth, RFID and Wi-Fi capability.

•Electronic baggage tags.

•Electronic lock/s.

•Lithium ion battery, motor and tracking device (GPS) allowing the bag to self-propel and ‘follow’ the owner.


Enhanced security measures for flights to the United States

Posted on 23 Oct 2017

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has enhanced security requirements for all international flights to the United States. All Guests travelling on our flights to Saipan will be required to undergo a security interview by our authorized security agent at the check-in counter. Guests are advised to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure time, and to proceed to the boarding gate promptly to clear any security measures.

For more information, please visit here


Travel Document Reminder  

Posted on 4 Aug 2017

Kindly be reminded that securing a visa or the necessary travel documents for entry in to another country is the sole responsibility of all Guests, and should be strictly adhered to.

Visa procedures and processing times vary greatly depending on the passport you hold and the country you are traveling to. As such, please allow sufficient time for visa application and approval prior to your departure as you may be denied entry or boarding if you fail to provide a valid visa or travel documentation.  You may refer to our Travel Documents page for more information on such procedures. However, where the information is insufficient, you are strongly recommended to follow the immigration guidelines of the port of entry of your final destination.

Guests denied entry to the port of entry as a result of insufficient travel documents will be liable for all costs associated with their return to the port of departure including any fines and repatriation costs.  


Electronic devices in Checked-in Baggage

Posted on 10 Jul 2017

The safety of our Guests and crew is our top priority. Please be advised that all electronic devices in your check-in baggage should be securely packed in your luggage to prevent damage and switched off completely. This is done in compliance with IATA’s travel restriction with immediate effect. 


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